British American Tobacco Update (enough or deeper dive?)

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British American Tobacco Update (enough or deeper dive?)

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  1. Your are one of the very few knowledgeable YouTubers in finance. Hold the course. Many sane and rational people enjoy your content.

  2. proud of sven for handling the criticism well.

    they all have different business models? the business model is addicting and poisoning people XD(teasing ofc)

  3. “You know in Eastern Europe we like to go to war for nothing and kill each other” 😂 As a Bulgarian, I couldn’t agree more! You’re actually handling the criticism very well for somebody with Mediterranean/Balkan ancestry 👏
    P.S. I’ve also found out that focusing on what works best for me is the right way to go. There are a lot of flashy companies that I just don’t get and I’m okay with staying away from them even if they make money simply because I want to sleep good at night. Gotta stick to what you know and can do!

  4. Sven,
    you state your opinion and that’s what I want when I read on your rp or watch your videos.
    I’m a BTI and MO shareholder and that’s EXACTLY WHY I like listening to to opposite opinion.

    I know you’ll stick to your course and that makes you unique on yt🤘

  5. When people attack those who disagree with their investment thesis, they probably haven’t done enough research.
    I remember in November when everyone on socialmedia and the media were bashing Meta sub-$100 and I was just sitting there smiling. The more you learn/research/know, the less you feel the need to defend your investment thesis.

  6. Hello! Croatia is an incredible country, especially the sea and yachting. I started watching your videos about a month ago and this is really what gave me an understanding of what I was doing wrong, why I didn’t get a stable result. Thank you and keep going, I really appreciate what you are doing.

  7. Sven,
    You are a voice of reason in a world of “experts” blowing smoke. Keep it up.
    When in doubt tap into your slavic side…

  8. I like your style. I watch your videos but always make my own judgement if I should invest or not. Comments are very helpful too. Good to know different views, experiences about companies. Thank you all. 😊

  9. You are the best! I am from India, I invest a certain amount of money into US but that is very minor part of my portfolio. But i have been applying your methodologies and your point of view into Indian Markets and I have been able to identify many risks in the business that I had already invested in. Got rid of most of them.

    Extremely grateful for your content.

  10. Sven, you are a gem, sorry for people who are rude and insensitive to you. Keep up the great work please, you are making a positive difference my friend.

  11. Your videos always help me to remain rational in my investment decision. Thank you for the video.

  12. I watch your last video and am also a BTI shareholder. Sometimes you don’t even need to be rational: there were many times when I just heard what the company does and immediately thought “nope. i’m out.” i didn’t care if it could make a lot of money, it was just not something I wanted to touch. And as you say, BTI certain risks that you might immediately say “no” to. Thanks for doing this video – some people get too emotionally attached to their investments and instead of welcoming opposing opinions, they get defensive instead. Not a good sign for an investor.

  13. Sven you are my favorite investor and i have learned so much from you. Keep up the good work, we love you

  14. What an incredibly measured, reasonable, and rational response to comments that clearly do not deserve it! I don’t know how you do it Sven, you continue to have my respect and admiration. I have read your book and watched the channel for several years now and I have learnt, and continue to learn, so much from you. Thank you for all the invaluable content, look forward to much more!b Keep up the great work 👍🏻

  15. Hi Sven, I highly respect your investing philosophy, and I completely understand your reasoning to not own the stock. I have my own reason for owning it, and because TO ME I don’t see the risk quite like you do. Paul from everything money calls this the Art of investing, where to people can look at the same data and still come to different conclusions. In my opinion, the addictive quality of tobacco is vastly underestimated. I work at gas station, and multiple times a day people spend more on cigarettes than they do actual gas. Also, I am not opposed new business models, and I believe that the smoke free model has serious potential for growth. I am 19, and sadly so many of my peers are going to be hooked on smoke free nicotine for life. Again, you may see the risks differently than I do, so of course your investing is going to be different than mine, and that’s 100% fine. This different risk perception coupled with the low PE and high dividend, and again I want to emphasize the unique physical addiction of tobacco, gives me an opportunity that’s hard to pass up.

  16. Keep up the good work Sven!! I love hearing your opinion on any type of stock (especially if you don’t like one I own). Not looking for an echo chamber here

  17. Investing is a quite unique art where good things mostly are counter-intuitive, as the comment section clearly shows. Thanks a lot for all your efforts and let’s continue to be opportunistic!

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