Bill Ackman Sells Netflix – MY TAKE

Costs Ackman Offered his stake in Netflix and lost $400 million, here is my take on his action and in Netflix.

0:00 Costs Ackman Sells
2:31 My Take

Netflix Incomes Update Video

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Bill Ackman Sells Netflix – MY TAKE

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  1. Go woke go broke. Canceling my Netflix subscription because as Elon said, it is unwatchable now. Not even close to worth $20 a month. Amazon prime and sling is better

  2. Hi Sven, thanks for your take on this. Is it possible to get another short take on Munger dumping half of Alibaba? Thanks anyways!

  3. If he didn’t take into account all those changes in the Q2, he didn’t study the company deep enough in January.

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. do you have humble pie in Europe? LOL! I think it could be a universal “food.”

  4. Sell, tell everyone you sold so everyone thinks its so awful, take the tax loss, rebuy after 30 days at lower pricing quietly, great long term investment while getting capital gains offset. After stock starts rising and position built out tell everyone you own Netflix is is great

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. why? He said he would. He just wants it at a better price

  5. For me the key catalyst is the change of their business model. Low fee subscription with ads. This is exactly what i want as consumer. I have no Netflix subscription because its expensive for 1 movie a week to pay… how much 15 USD ?

  6. Likely Bill Ackman simply realised that he had bought a falling knife in January and wanted to avoided the real possibility that the stock could possibly fall significantly lower this year in value. It is, for example, unclear whether Netflix will be able to address their falling subscriber problem.

    1. He was definitely too eager to invest, and then moved away – he took the risk too early maybe!

  7. Can you review Lufthansa (Xetra)? I’ve been analyzing call options for December 2022 (Eurex) and I see the target price (strike + premium) the market is aiming for falls between 7.55 and 10.19 (95% of orders are between those targets)

    Is my analysis correct?

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. ok, understandable, thanks for the quick reply and for the videos!

  8. One thing I learned is that great investors can talk as much as they want about how great a company is. They are certainly not married to it and won’t hesitate on dumping it after holding only a few months.

    Recent examples being Ackman, Munger, Pabrai

    Imagine the volatility once the market really turns wild 0.o !!!

  9. I said it months ago and I stand on it! I don’t think Netflix is a good investment. It had it’s run, find something else! Way too much competition and that’s coming from a fair value perspective. I definitely don’t think it’s a buy a current valuation, even after the drop. Lockdowns is the only reason we are even talking about it. These stocks ran up because of that… Now it’s time to come back down to reality.

  10. We subscribed to Netflix a while back but I hope that has not caused the 35% price collapse.

    My only comment is that the internally-made content is very poor. The productions are wholly predictable given they all seem to follow the same shallow political agenda (…) as if made by the same director – it’s like looking at paintings all of which have been done in the same single colour….. Gets kinda boring by the 5th series. Really great for trendies living in San Francisco etc. – not sure about the rest of the world, TBH.

  11. Netflix went from growth company to negative growth. It can fall even more. Netflix has a crappy business model.

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