Best Buy Stock Analysis – Is It Really The BEST BUY NOW?

Finest Buy Stock Analysis – It absolutely appears like worth but it depends on the growth ahead!

3:37 Profits
5:46 Guidance
6:38 Financials
8:07 Valuation
11:16 Danger & Reward

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Analysis – Is It Really The BEST BUY NOW?

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  1. Great video as always, Sven!

    I see a few people asking you to look at Stellantis and I’d like to hear what you think too. But I’d be even more interested in what you think about the Agnelli holding company, Exor. I hear Chris Meyer from 100 Baggers is an investor. A mini European Berkshire?

  2. Thanks for the video. BBY is a decent company in a difficult space. Don’t all electronic retail companies always go bankrupt? Circuit City, Radio Shack, Sears etc. Maybe the internet can save them. I’ll pass

    1. They have more cash than long-term debt in their balance sheet.
      Their long-term debt could be paid off with less than 2 years’ worth of free cash flow.
      Very hard to go bankrupt like that.

    2. Yes until they spend like mad on buy backs or other foolishness like giving management lots of stock options.

      I’m with Sven, there are better with less risk and more reward🤫

  3. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  4. I love when you do an industry overview ex. Life insurance stocks look very cheap – especially manulife! , also I still think oils are very cheap. Suncor, etc. love your work.

  5. Would love to get your take on CVS and/or FNF. Two classic value buys Bury quickly
    bought and sold but still look attractively priced.

    1. Such information we don’t it get from most Youtubers, I am getting in touch with her right away

    2. Count me in,I’m placing my trades with Expert Angelina Cole Carr Thanks for the information

  6. You’ve done an absolute top notch job on this. Very informative! Meanwhile, what’s the best strategy to make gains in this present condition? My portfolio is still down by 20% and It scares the hell out of me

    1. As you know, It’s a fragile season now, so you can do little or nothing on your own. Hence i will suggest you get yourself a professional that can provide you with entry and exit points on the securities you focus on. I made over 80% run-up in net profit which is like 10x more than I make on my own.

    2. @Jeremy Walker coach, i grew my reserve of $70k to a reasonable sum in a few weeks. Helped me a lot.>

    3. @Andrea I have past investments in Real estate, so I am looking for other means to maximize my returns seeing that the Real Estate Market is crazy atm! How can one find a verifiable financial Planner, I buy the idea of employing the services of a Financial Advisor because finding that balance between saving and living requires counsel.

    4. @Andrea Found her webpage and left a message after looking her name up on the web. Hopefully she responds soon.>

  7. Hi Sven, Why did you include the present value of the yearly inputs of FCF in your spreadsheet? You have done this in the past only when these are returned to stockholders yearls such as dividends, for example in your How to Calculate Intrinsic Value for Apple, you include a 13% factor in row 2 since Apply returned 13% of FCF as dividends back to shareholders? I would have expected you to wipe out row 2 completely? Thank you.

  8. Bby very risky bet for me. Better buy other retailers who sells electronics also groceries like target,walmart etc

  9. This company uses a very high level of leverage.
    borrowed capital very high.
    now that US interest rates are rising, it will be more expensive to refinance it with new bonds, right ?

  10. It’s on my Best Buy list, but not now. All the FREE USD’s have dried up. Time to pay the piper. $18B market cap seems good for a dominant force in electronic retail.

  11. Video request please for something I’m interested in! US is becoming quite concerning now globally, particularly with their policies and government overall.. Be cool for a video to understand what implications there can be with brokers, etf, stocks, and exchanges in the scenario where US and it’s puppy dogs like UK turn on China. For example, can brokers on West be banned from holding alibaba on Hong Kong etc.

  12. Hi Sven, DiDi IPO was $14 on NYSE. Now their price is $1.85. They recently filed Form 25 with SEC to delist on NYSE. They have more than enough cash to buy back all outstanding ADS for $14, but they’ve chosen to just delist and not pay investors a single cent. Basically, all ADS holders will be left holding their bag, with OTC Pink Sheets with greatly reduced liquidity, as their own avenue of trading the ADS. Is this even legal? Would SEC deny their delisting request and ask them to buy back ADS, not necessarily at IPO price, but at least at a premium over current price?

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