Basf Stock Is Another Cyclical Opportunity At Multi-Year LOWS!

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Stock Is Another Cyclical Opportunity At Multi-Year LOWS!

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  1. Very good! Buffet buys a Ressources company with a chemical department, while BASF is THE leading chemical company since 100 years with a ressources department aka Wintershall. So it is a good cyclical bet with a lot of tailwinds from future trends: with batteries for e-vehicles, China/EM and decarbonization and so on. But important to remember – risk is much lower under 40 Euro/ Share + long term ROE is 10%. After buying under 40€ and holding for 10 years you could get a threebagger + dividend in a best case scenario. There is also an “invisible” debt burden with the private pensions of baby boomers/ former BASF employees.

    1. Buffet also bought BASF last year via National Indemnity together with Allianz and MunichRE. These are the 3 German stocks he talked about in last years shareholder meeting (without disclosing them).

  2. I wouldn’t invest based on their divestments and investments. Management got out of oil and gas, leather chemicals, and basically all the “bad” chemicals and went heavy into battery’s, fish oil ect. They are cleaning more focused on optics then making cash

  3. I enjoy your channel thoroughly, any chance you would be able to do a breakdown on VF corporation?

    1. Yes, I agree I bought the stock mainly for the north face brand. It seems popular and I wear it myself from time to time.

  4. Thank You for the Video Sven. Can you have a look at CVS and tell us what are the risks involved in that investment.

    1. it’s not a Sector he‘s interested in.

      I can tell you so much from my side:

      50 Bio. in Debt, that’s the main problem, also no Organic growth.

      The Acquisitions are uncertain, how they play out.

      But overall it looks good.

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  6. Can you please review ‘A.P. Møller – Maersk A/S’ stock with currently 35.87% dividend yield? Thank you

  7. Double whammy of significant China capex + unpredictable access to feedstock in Europe could be why BASF looks optically cheap? Thanks Sven as always!

  8. Excellent breakdown of BASF. Thanks Sven. I started investing in the stock market because of dividends. What matters, in my opinion, is that if you invest and earn more money in addition to dividends, you will be able to live off of dividends without selling. It implies that you can pass that on to your children, giving them a head start in life. I’ve invested over $600k in dividend stocks over the years; I continue to buy more today and will continue to do so until the price lowers even further.

    1. @Aurelio Benjamin Mind if I ask you recommend this particular professional you use their service? My husband has quite a lot of marketing problems

    2. @Beverly Gates My advisor is HEATHER LEE LARIONI, a renowned figure in her line of work. I recommend researching her credentials further. She has many years of experience and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the financial market

    3. @Aurelio Benjamin She actually appears to be well-read and educated. I just did a Google search for her name and found her webpage, I appreciate you for sharing

  9. Thanks Sven. I was wondering why the sponsored ADR BASF has underperformed the German BASF? I guess it is due to the strong dollar?

  10. The stock market have been suffering for while now with all the indexes recorded losses in recent months gives us the figures My $300,000 portfolio is down approximately 20%
    Any recommendation to scale up my returns before retirement will be highly appreciated

    1. The market is volatile at this time.
      Hence I will suggest you get yourself a financial Advisor that can provide you with entery and exit point on the share ETF
      YOU focus on.

    2. Trading with an expert is the best strategy for newbies and busy investors who have little or no time to monitor trade

    3. ​@Segun SpiffThat’s true, I started investing before the pandemic and I pulled out about $600. 000 with no prior. Investing experience, Basically all I was doing was seeking for guidance from a financial Advisor. MRS AVA KIMBERLY
      YOU can passively involved with the aid of a professional

    4. Wow I’m just shock you mentioned and recommended Expert Mrs Ava Kimberly I thought I’m the only one trading with her.

    5. Mrs Ava Kimberly is indeed a forex mentor. With my first investment of $1,200 I got a ROI of $12,000 in two weeks I’m a huge fan of crypto, I hold few coins in my wallet, while I trade the rest with my Expert, Mrs Ava Kimberly She’s really Good

  11. My unresearched suspicion is that BASF has lots of assets in Germany, which are not economical to operate with the electricity and gas prices available at that location. Thus they are investing outside of Germany, but all those stranded assets will for the foreseeable future generate a subpar return on investment.

    1. Exactly the loss of Russian gas hit this company badly. That is a continuous revenue steam bam gone surprised there was zero mention of that in the analysis. That’s why you need to look at more than look at the balance sheets.

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