At The Root Of A Value Investment Philosophy – Chapter 7

We continue with our Summary and we are at chapter 7 – at the root of a worth financial investment philosophy.

0:00 Chapter 7
0:55 Bottom Up
3:34 Offer When This
4:46 Absolute Efficiency
8:18 Danger & Return
12:20 The Nature Of Risk
14:05 Beta
15:58 Price Changes


Buffett Sells Most Of His Stocks

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At The Root Of A Value Investment Philosophy – Chapter 7

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  1. Nice Video sven.
    There seems to be value in Bonds now tlt or lqd are looking more interesting every day what about a Video on Bonds and risk reward.

  2. I’m fully invested at the moment because I do see bargains. Otherwise I will wait. In the past I made the mistake of always being fully invested.

    1. I’m “fully invested”
      Well, I just buy more every week.. still have some cash and most of my portfolio is made up of real estate.

  3. Getting some well priced BABA and JD stocks at the moment. But I’m happy I didn’t start these positions until now. But the waiting time have been terrible at times when one or both of them took big rallies up. Finished margin of safety and now reading One up on wall street. It’s much more relaxing than reading news or looking at Bloomberg tv 😀

  4. Sven, you think the Nasdaq100 is in a bubble, but propose investments into Google, Apple, FB etc. 🤷‍♂️

    1. I think you completely miss the point of my YT portfolio, especially the most important thing, which is the sizing. Secondly, every stock is in an index, both the overvalued and the fairly valued!

  5. Thanks Sven.
    Could you do a deep dive into Spotify (SPOT). As everyone here likes some “anchoring” – they have fallen 75% from their (overvalued) covid peak, but are also some 35% down from their average 2019 levels. Interestingly, in contrast with the many covid digital stocks, Spotify grew their users and sales both during covid and are continuing to still grow now. They’re not making any profits yet but I hope that this is because of choosing to efficiently invest into growth (and then delivering double digit growth of users and revenue). The trigger for me to look into them was listening to some podcasts (on Spotify) where the hosts were explaining the censuring issues they’ve had with YouTube and social media platforms. It feels like Spotify, along with their flagship investment into Joe Rogan, are supporting Free Speech and receiving the appreciation of podcasters and podcast listeners which will hopefully lead to growth and a sort of a moat for them.
    Finally, their cash and short term assets of 2.5-3.5bn look very healthy in comparison to their 1.2bn debt at a time when many other companies will have to refinance their debt at much higher interest rate because they cannot pay it back.

  6. trend is your friend. treat bonds and indeices from a top down approach and allocate to cash when needed and used bottom up for security selection once equities are in favour

  7. Looking forward to the next chapter!! Can you do an update on Trex and Berry Global? It looks very interesting now.

  8. I feel sad that your videos on this book doesnt get as many views as the rest. This is a fantastic book with sadly a high price! I thank you for showing us everything Sven.

    1. it is better so for us value investors – but yes, there is a free PDF, just search

  9. Hey Sven, what are your thoughts on the Microsoft Activision Deal? The Spread between Blizzard Share price and Microsoft offe is now at 26% 😀 It could be the best risk/reward in the market right now in my opinion

  10. I’m a value investor but I don’t agree with a lot of the advice on this video. I would never sell just because something is “fully valued”. That’s bad advice. And Its not about “reaching your financial goals”, that’s jingoistic sleazy fund salesman type advice. Value investing is about absolute return, not some arbitrary target number that you thought up.
    Sven, I get it, you’re young and still learning, but what you’re talking about is more trading than investing.

  11. Hvala za video, ne ostavljam obično komentare ali se trudim da stavim like. Pregledao sam svaki video na tvom kanalu al ovaj mi je bio najteži za slušanje. 18 minuta koncentracija ne drži. Hvala za sve što radiš za nas.

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