Apple Stock Will Be Up in 2024 on Buybacks

Apple Stock Will Be Up in 2024 on Buybacks

0:00 AAPL Stock 2024
0:48 Apple Company
1:37 Buybacks
4:26 Investing Threat & Reward

Inelastic market hypothesis:

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Apple Stock Will Be Up in 2024 on Buybacks

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  1. Bought aapl a while ago, during the massive dip of covid. So for me it is definitely just a matter of do nothing until another dip comes before buying more into it. If the dip or a bad year doesn’t happen like you say Sven (although we know it eventually must) then aaple just helps me out by buybackswhile I wait i guess

    1. good point, however it is simply the impact that these buybacks have and the market simply doesn’t have 100 billion to arbitrage what apple is doing,

    1. why you did not buy when the stock was at 120?…let me guess, in that time, you were expecting the stock to drop to 70…

  2. I have been hearing that buying of market cap weighted index funds (VOO,QQQ) could also contribute to the share price appreciation of AAPL (and the remaining MAG7 stocks for that matter). The more money flows into them, the more cash flows in these stocks, the greater their market weight becomes …
    BTW, this could also reverse.

  3. I have posted a comment on fertilizers in the last two videos that doesn’t even show up. 7 lines of valuation (and the time to write them) wasted.
    Does YouTube have a problem with long comments? How are you supposed to outline a thesis and a valuation in 2 lines?

  4. I bought Apple in the last dip at $135 when it was 20x times cash flow. It is now at 30x times free cash flow.
    The current Dividend yield is 0.5% and the Share buybacks are a further 3% approx. So that’s a Shareholder yield of 3.5%.
    Apple Return On Equity is a whopping 156% so any further growth will come at a cheap cost.

    Sven, I think you are looking at the Share buyback wrong. The 3 to 1 ratio you quoted is really about price inflation from the movement of money and the extra demand created in the market. The real increase in intrinsic value comes from the concentration of the real intrinsic value concentrated in the smaller number of shares. Two different things.

  5. Thanks for all the content Sven, I value your knowledge and analysis. Would you be able to look at Ferrari stock (RACE)? Would they still be a buy at current levels? I bought in at $250.00 and have seen good gains but am not sure if it is worth buying more at current prices

  6. im not sure if I rembermber this correctly, but Buffet likes companys that does buybacks, do you know why Sven?

  7. I was going to buy apple way back when iPods hit the market…. 2003? Whatever. It would have been 2 shares… but alas, the price was too steep for me at the time!! Lol!

    Having seen this, I would probably sell my 2 shares.

    1. The situation is different, back then was a lot of room to grow in their sector. Now is not that much in their sector so they have to find other ways of making money aside the core business.

  8. Nice video! Did I understood properly that you’ll do a Tesla video soon :)? Will you maybe also cover Alphabet once more? Love the content ❀

  9. I purchased my shares of Apple several years ago long before Apple started paying a dividend. Now I’m receiving around 10% yield so I just buy Apple on the big dips. At the same time, I do trim a little bit near the topπŸŽπŸ’°πŸ’° Apple has a great moat and continues to add more customers to their platform. Think about the potential in India with there huge population.

  10. In this point the market just wait for the FED to say the wards “rate cut” so averything can 2x again.

  11. Apple’s tangible equity has been declining due to the aggressive buybacks. This means they will eventually run out of capital to keep supporting the stock price. Investors should not be excited about this situation.

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