Amazon Stock Analysis 2024

for 2024, an excellent service however the rate might be a bit too expensive, depending upon what you are searching for.

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  1. Good buy at 70-80$, for the rest i hold this in my voo and thats more then enough 😊. Eventually will be monopoly with everything they own and a risk of a split up might appear..

  2. Why have you sold it, when you had a real great cost base? You can say risk reward, but If you buy back in later, you might make a much smaller total gain….

    1. He sold Meta to buy Amazon and sold amamzon that is probably 2 worst moves I have ever seen and paid taxes 2 times. at lesst 5 Munger quotes comes to mind for that situation but 2 of them seems most approprite. Human brain is like a sperm cell… and don’t interupt compunding ..

  3. AMZN is valued off P/OCF not P/E due to significant reinvestments. It is still undervalued compared to historical valuation using P/OCF.

  4. I think it is crazy that we think .5% index fund expenses is too high but executive compensation of 2-10% is okay.

    1. The .5% index fund expense comes on top of the compensation as the fund is buying the same companies right?

  5. Sven, what are your thoughts on s&p400 or 600 as an alternative to 500, much lower pe even relative to the 500 over time

  6. Amazon is a stock you should own, not trade. I am not a buyer at these prices, but I don’t think it’s overpriced.

  7. 🗽 Magnificent Sven… 👍
    AMZN is for me, to buy, a bit too high valued, but it also could be a fair price for an excellent business now (remember Charly Munger). Disclosure: I own AMZN.

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