ADM Stock Still A Buy – 30 to 50% Upside

ADM stock is still a buy based upon their buybacks and cash flow development.

0:00 ADM Stock
2:01 ADM Revenues
3:27 Conference Call
7:36 ADM Stock Assessment
8:03 Worth Investing
9:44 My Strategy

ADM Stock Still A Buy – 30 to 50% Upside

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    1. I grabbed some at 53 something 🙂

      That massive share buyback program is very juicy at a time when the stock is low

  1. I agree that ADM is cheap. My issue is that management has a history of corruption & I’m afraid that kind of conduct is part of its culture. It may bite investors at some point in the future. I’m not willing to take that risk for me.

    1. My source for ADM’s historical scandals can be found on Wikipedia. I would post a screenshot, but I don’t know how to post photo’s on YouTube comments.

    2. A good quality business is agnostic to managerial ineptitude. I look at how many businesses flow through to them for ingredients and say.. they can replace the management and be fine.

    3. I don’t deny it’s not a good business, I just have trust issues with management. According to Wikipedia, here is a list of scandals this century. This just gave me reservations about this company.

      1. Tax Dodging (2011)
      2. Violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (2013)
      3. Sony Perdue Land Sale (2021)
      4. Accounting Practices (2024)

  2. Great summary of the economics of this food business. The only question I still have is the medium term growth rate for ADM – inflation level / nominal GDP growth level / or is there true market (share) expansion they are aiming for?

  3. I got in at $52 and I’ve been waiting forever for the business to be on sale. Buy and hold for a loooong time, enjoying the dividends and if they get overvalued again I’ll sell. If it goes down more Ill add

  4. Great analysis. Thanks for confirming that it’s a good stock. I added more shares of ADM and now have almost 100.

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