ADM Stock Analysis & Portfolio Addition (Essential Business with 91 Years Of DIVIDENDS!)

Has Been Paying Dividends For 91 Years Now Which Is Remarkable. Plus is an important business, thus one to follow in a portfolio.

0:17 Business
5:05 ADM Stock Assessment
5:46 ADM Portfolio Addition
8:18 ADM Strategy

My ADM analysis from 2019 when the dividends were simply 87 years, now 91:–RRB-.

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My passion is to search for low threat high reward financial investment chances with a long-lasting business owning like focus. I use my accounting skills and investing experience in order to discover the very best organizations to own that use the possibility to lead me towards my financial objectives.
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ADM Stock Analysis & Portfolio Addition (Essential Business with 91 Years Of DIVIDENDS!)

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  1. Hi Sven, thanks for your content. I was wondering, would you make a video about italian stocks?
    In particular, I’m keeping an eye on Ferrari (RACE), Leonardo(LDO) and Intesa San Paolo (ISP). I know you don’t do banks, while for the first two they look quite interesting to me. What is your opinion?

  2. Sven, a bit of topic, but how do you think that a weak EUR impacts us Europeans investing in US stocks? Suddenly they got 20% more expensive because of the weak EUR (or stronger USD).

    Does it make sense to invest in the US market right now, or take the opportunity and invest in Europe (in good companies with good fundamentals of course) and take the advantage of the 20% discount?

    1. There is a reason why the EUR is so weak. The economy in Europe is expected to be doomed. So I do not consider it for buying a business. I consider it a bit in my cash. Now I avoid going long USD.

  3. I like this buy. The graham formula places the intrinsic value around $140 dollars per stock and you have significant margin if you are wrong.

    Thank you Sven for your analysis!

  4. Hi Sven, have you thought about analysing Prysmian (PRY)?
    Boring business (cables) in a in-demand industry with some entry barriers. On the other side it’s a Milan-based company, with all the complications that operating a business in Mamma Italia involves, although revenue coming from Italy is very limited.
    Bought it back when yield was about 8% after some headwinds, then went up almost 80% from my entry point. It has now retraced back a bit and I’m considering if it’s already back in buying territory. Curious to hear your take on it!

  5. 90 years of dividends – that’s solid. W/b interesting to watch ADM and the other companies in the portfolio…. Dr. Carlin, a bit off topic, but analysis of semiconductor producing companies w/b interesting. I hear in the (US) news that there is a big shortage of semiconductors. Yesterday I heard that congress is working on a bill, that would provide large subsidies to companies to produce them in the US. One company that would benefit is Nvidia Corp (NVDA). The spouse of a congresswoman was called out recently for buying over $1mil-$2mil of NVDA, b/c he knew in advance of this bill. (Hope this comment doesn’t spur any censorship on your channel; it shouldn’t. And I don’t think it will; I wouldn’t have made the comment if I thought it might.) Also – excellent video as always !

  6. Hello Sven, Many thanks for your videos. I know that this topic can be a “mambo jambo” for you, but I would love to hear an explanation of “milkshake theory”.

  7. Thank you Sven for your value analysis. Do you think that is a good value investing if you live in Europe and you buy a high good dividend stock from US where the taxing is 30%??

    1. @Smoking Wheels I have signed the W8-BEN but my broker still withholding tax of 30% for my US dividend stocks

    2. @Chris Rangouel then something is obviously wrong. You should directly contact the broker and ask again. This is not suppose to be the case

  8. ADM has been my watchlist since 2018.
    Unfortunately, 2018-2021, ADM show negative cash flow which make me avoid, plus the inventory is increasing each year.
    Interesting and attractive, but the cash flow and inventory are concern to me.
    Hope ADM would improve the cash flow consistently

  9. Question : is there any value in these companies that have a very low market capitalization (like 2 millions $), that have a book value that is much higher (like 50 to 100M), but that do SPO and reverse split to invest and comply with the rules of the NASDAQ. On the paper that are inexpensive and there is something behind but are they a good investment?

  10. Could you take a look at Telenet Group Holding (TNET). It is a Belgian telecom company that has a PE of 5 and the next dividend payment is over 16,5%.

    Now this sounds too good to be true, but I am wondering what the catch is. Especially since Liberty Global is the majority shareholder at 58%

  11. ADM had $90 billion revenue in 2012-2014 then 2016 to 2020 it was like $60 – $64 billion. Now it’s like $90 billion again. Net income has been going like a sinus curve…

  12. Hi Sven, can you expand a little on what you meant with “when prices increase you need more working capital”? Did you mean that, when there are higher prices, they need to spend more on inventories which, sometimes, translates into negative cash flows from operations? Sometimes working capital is confusing…Thank you

  13. Hi Sven, I find it interesting that you did not mention that it is a cyclical business (depends on prices for soybeans, etc). Or is that not the case in your opinion or it simply does not matter?

  14. would you include kroger(Buffet bought it last year) in your portfolio ? there is also some stocks i found interesting that are not in the public eye . one it is colryt( like kroger ,i think, in Belgium) . And one that looks undervalued is Strabag. It has to do with construction, Austria( stock exchange). I know you are one of the few if not the only one big you tuber that looks Globally and not Usa only.

  15. I am confused, do you buy stocks even if there are far out of your intrinsic valuation? I remember you said to know a stock is to own it first. So you buy it even if your valuation suggest you a price lower ?

    1. yes, sizing matters! I want to follow 30 interesting stocks, then see! That is the YT plan!

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