Adidas Stock Analysis – Buying Now Will Likely Make You Money

Buying Now Will Likely Make you Cash. Also described why is Adidas equip down and what is pressing other stocks down in the sector.

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  1. Love the entertainment piece in this analysis 🙂 Btw could you give your thoughts on SNBR? Low valuation, slightly cyclical and now on the downtrend so seems like a good buy at low 30s per share. Extreme buybacks without over-leveraging (not perfect as they were buying stock in 2021 but still ok for me). Their quality beds are expensive and so they cater to high income clients who aren’t as affected by recessions. The competition is priced in and they have niche in the industry.

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. yes, but in varying degrees. Lower income earners or over leveraged will get hurt the most.

  2. How much more can people spend on massively overpriced sportswear when everyone is watching their spending?

    Every day, new brands are created with compelling stories that compete with Adidas. Unconvinced

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Think of Under Armour. From hero to zero.

      Now Lululemon is in, who knows what start-up brand will be next?

  3. Hi Sven, I would like to suggest a company to analyze. Arkema (ARKAY), it’s a french company specialized in Adhesive solution, Advanced materials, coating solutions. Diversified market with 31% of sales in North America, 36% in Europe and 33% in Asia and rest of the world.
    For me the company has a moat because they are a very established business in these segments and it’s difficult for customers to change adhesive or coating providers without risks in quality and safety of products they make with it.
    They have some debts but it looks ok. And they pay good dividend without a big payout ratio.

  4. In the USA at least I’ve seen a lot more Adidas go on sale/discount via eBay or their own website while Nikes retail prices have kept up much higher.

  5. We had the same reaction when we came across Balenciaga Sven! One of the coats on their shop is a High Visibility Builders Coat….but for like €10k!

    1. it is crazy!!! I see these Balenciaga things that are insane what people pay for!

  6. 🤣(Writing this with Adidas hoodie on.) Obviously the AT MAMA (Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta, Amazon) should take on clothes and fashion business. Such huge brands could easily do it. What could go wrong? Tesla leads the way with Shorts!

  7. I agree with you Sven! The stock crushed, but it’s a Pass! ⏭ New Chinese competitors are eating Adidas launch in Mainland China..

  8. I’m an Eastern European dude who loves Adidas, but their capital allocation is very suspect. Bought back shares at the top in 2021, stopped buybacks and dividends during the pandemic, made a mess of Reebok, asked for USD 3 billion from the government. Besides, design is either stale or weird, nothing in between. Kanye products account for 8% of revenue = big risk. MAybe a bargain now, but not only it is not a growth stock, it’s not a well-run company.

    PS: Good analysis.

  9. Any UPDATE on China? The valuation on Alibaba is down to $213b. That is a 18x recent year fcf (16x if you subtract cash on hand).

  10. Adidas is also sponsoring a lot of football clubs. I usually buy Adidas football shoes. They are the best quality in my opinion. Nike shoes look better with fancier design but they break a lot sooner in my experience.

  11. What i dislike about adidas is that its a german stock and its only listed on XETR. People may disagree but alot of price increase of other stocks just comes from people trading it in the US

  12. You are right. I sometimes really don’t know what people want to wear those shoes 🤣 maybe you can take a look at microsoft. Yes it has a higher multiple than alphabet but maybe the cloud business (azure) can be a growth driver in the next years. It’s definitly a great business, but at a fair price?

  13. Hey Sven, very interesting video as usual! I would also suggest a similar company for possible review: Skechers aka $SKX. Much smaller company compared to Adidas or Nike, so has room for growth, cheap P/E, good EPS growth and most importantly, I like their product, so, as Peter Lynch says, chances are I would love the stock. However, I’m not certain I can correctly interpret their financials, they don’t pay dividends and what worries me the most – only 1% of the company is held by the insiders. I feel that’s very concerning

    1. that one is covered on the research platform, so unlikely to come here 🙁 but you never know

  14. l love the humor that you put for this Adidas company. i see that it inspired you a lot 🙂 thanks for the analysis

  15. Look into Levis stock. Iconic brand, low price to FCF. Also, margins are rising due to the company building out their DTC sales channel.

  16. Thank you so much for the updated!

    You’re all missing an important point in Adidas. They announced the CEO is stepping down in 2023, so change of management can bring positive improvements as negative uncertainty, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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