A Chat On Markets & Investing (collaboration with Daniel Pronk)

A chat on and the marketplace 's outlooks for 2024.

My passion is to try to find low danger high benefit investment opportunities. I apply my accounting skills and experience in order to discover intriguing financial investment concepts that offer the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
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A Chat On Markets & Investing (collaboration with Daniel Pronk)

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  1. The longer you hold a stock the closer you will get to its historical average return, regardless of overpaying for it or not. So if you find an excellent company that is fairly valued, don’t get greedy and wait for a price you might never see. Personally I don’t bother with fair company’s anymore, no matter how cheap they are. I’m looking at companies that I think will do great for 10 years or more.

  2. 9:00 I want to thank you for the last year ! Even though i do my own due dilligence , your channel was always and will be my ” go to ” to make sure i am on the right track ! You saved me from making a few mistakes and also convinced me to go for it .
    Pls continue what you are doing and hope we can see more of you next year !

  3. FED losing control is an interesting scenario, difficult question is how to track the “rate of crash”? if FED lose control, global markets are all affected – what could be the safe harbour?

  4. Can we look at lithium companies in one video that have reasonable value, sector at lows prob has good potential.

  5. I assume nothing wrong with DCA 70/30 ETFs for the next decades then – if it goes up, fine. If it gets down, I buy more of the same things

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