5 European Stocks, Huge Dividends – I’m Buying Two

5 European Stocks with substantial dividends and 2 or even 3 !

0:00 European Stocks
0:59 Rubis
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5 European Stocks, Huge Dividends – I'm Buying Two

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​https://sven-carlin-research-platform.teachable.com/p/stock-market-research-platform
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  2. Hi Sven. Israel-based shipping company ZIM has fallen over 50% from its high earlier this year. It is currently trading at 0.9 times earnings, 0.77 times price to free cash flow, and its market cap is almost below the cash & equivalent on the balance sheet. They had a blowout year in 2021 and is falling based on fears of global recession and thus lower shipping rates. Would love to hear your take on it! Thanks

    1. They will drop in recession, also the containers will go down…I like more Heijmans from netherlands. PE 4.5 and dividend around 8%+

    2. 2021 seemed like a one-off year, but if they can keep it up, this is a multi-bagger. I have no position, since I know next to nothing about shipping

  3. Kering group for the pricing power during inflation, high insider ownership, good ROE, maybe not that cheap but it looks like a great business with great assets.

  4. Dear Sven. Rubis is constantly diluting the shares!! The number increased from 388 million in 2015 to 511 million in 2022!!. Average growth of share numbers is about 7,5% per year during last 10 years. This is the reason of terrible performance.

    1. I might be overlooking something but as far as I can see from their financial reports, they had a 2-for-1 split in 2017 which resulted in them having 94 million shares and now in 2022 they have 102 million shares issued. Perhaps you could let us know the source of your figures?

  5. Medifast stock, P/E 13 with a 16% projected growth going forward. 76% ROE, 39% ROA and 90% RoCE last year. Debt free with good amount of insider buying in the TTM.

  6. Hi Sven, some comments regarding Rubis: 1. One of their main investments in Caribbean is Haiti, and Haiti is very poor. I don’t think they will have a lot of growth from there. 2. The legal structure of the company is a bit “exotic” (“société en commandite” in French) and it doesn’t allow takeover bid (so less speculation) 3. Their investment in solar energy was not cheap.
    But apart from that, I agree the valuation and dividend are very attractive.
    And thanks for your incredible work!

    1. One other good thing about them is that the founders are still at the helm so they know the business inside out and have a good track record.

  7. Hi Sven, first of all thank you for your free thoughts, ideas and feedback. I am a silent lurker 🙂 Currently I am circling a European stock I would love to hear your opinion on. It is “Flow Traders” (WKN A14V70). It is a market maker with focus on ETPs. Usually they make high profits with an increasing volatility. The stocks gets beaten by the market currently and there seems to be no real reason besides UBS putting FLOW on their convinction-sell-list. Would love to hear you opinion on the stock. Best Regards.

  8. For this list I would suggest Azimut, an italian well run jnvestment Company, solid balance sheet, low valuation and High dividend. It follows market sentiment, so the stock price Is tanking. Thanks

  9. Sven (and fellow investors), I’m not so sure about Devro. 15 years ago a potential investor walked out of buyout conversations because of their pension scheme. And 15 years later, they’re still struggling with that! Now they say they’re getting that resolved in 5 years, I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath for that.
    Anyway, great content as always, grazie mille!

  10. Hi Sven, an overview on major shipping companies would be very much appreciated they made billions during the Corona pandemic. They are still keeping shipping costs extremely high (freight from China to Europe about $12k, it used to be about $2-3k per container).
    Now there is a situation where there are so many goods produced warehouses and ports are packed with stuff; so nobody wants to order in big quantities as in Q2 – combined with shipping bottle necks, huge delays etc… there will be massive discounts for the goods just so they can clean out the warehouses. If that happens I assume the stock values will drop for that period. New ships and containers are being build but I doubt we will see any stability in shipping before end of 2023. You’ve got about 8 major shipping companies, 4 of which are Chinese. These control the global shipping of goods.

    1. Joe Schmitt really knows his way around trading, its evident from his deep knowledge of how the market works, reading signals to perfection, i feel very safe trading with him

    2. I’m glad to have you. Your strategy is very good. I am happy for other people who trade with you and get profits in time. Thank you very much for your service. For the past two years, I have been working with Joe Schmitt and I have never suffered any loss as a result.

    3. His training program has been insightful, and I must say, I’m most honored to have been part and a full-time beneficiary of his daily signals. I have been growing monthly and have been able to increase my portfolio from 1.5BTC to more than 3.5BTC with his daily signal

  11. Hi Sven, definitely take a look at Harbour Energy (LON:HBR). 200kboepd that translates to annual FCF of 2.5B after accounting for their hedges! Current Market Cap 2.7B as their large shareholder GIC is selling out to be green!

  12. This may be a huge mistake on my end but I am really hesitant in investing into markets that aren’t based is the US. China’s CCP and Europes socialist rules about pensions make long term assumptions have too many risks for me.

  13. Hello Sven, Much appriciate your content & valuation model. Could you please review bank stocks as well? They seem to have really high dividend yield, for ex: ING has 7,5% yield, BNP has 8.5% yield, ACA has 10,5% etc., I know that you are not a huge admirer of European bank stocks, just putting them out there 😉

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