4 REASONS I SOLD EVERYTHING ?!?!?!?! (not about the market!)

Yes, it holds true, I sold everything and here are the factors for that:–RRB- Might be stunning now, however over the long-term it is the very best choice possible for me personally.

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My passion is to look for low danger high benefit financial investment chances with a long-lasting business owning like focus. I use my accounting abilities and investing experience in order to find the very best services to own that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
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Constantly keep in mind: "Investing involves threat of loss".

4 REASONS I SOLD EVERYTHING ?!?!?!?! (not about the market!)

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. I’m a long time investor and find this chapter easy to relate to. Some friends of mine catch on that my favorite topic of conversation is economics. And on occasion they ask for advice…

    You want to help others. Especially friends and especially when they are sincere. But it’s very difficult to differentiate between what you do and what you recommend based upon years of learning and experience? This is what Sven means when stating that investing is personal.

    I read into the same message when buffet is inevitably asked simple questions about investing at a routine share holders meeting. A Wheaton level ten has trouble communicating with Wheaton level two.

    1. If you are not qualified to offer advice that they’re asking for, you shouldn’t recommend anything.

      Doesn’t end well

  2. Happy to see this video! I definitely have not lost trust, as I never trust anyone than myself, especially youtubers.
    If you mimicked Sven without doing your own research before investing, then please learn from today that you should always invest after you do research yourself.
    If you don’t have knowledge or time for that, then do not invest in anything. Live a happy stress free life, or hire a trustworthy investment manager (I hear they may still exist somewhere, never seen one though). Youtubers are great as information sources, to learn from them, and then put in the work yourself in researching.

    I am personally looking forward to the new 2023 Sven! Time for all to rethink how we operate.
    Myself I have bought 0 stocks this year (and we are in September already). I’ve decided to elevate my knowledge, reading books (Margin of Safety, Modern Value Investing, The Education of the Value Investor, Bull!, The Dhando Investor). You lose nothing to educate yourself over a year, when you have many investing years ahead.

    I will always lose an opportunity somewhere.. that’s not important. What’s important is investing with so little risk that is becomes boring and unexciting.

    Great video and great times ahead

  3. I’ve never had a subscription for your platform and I hope you are offended by that. But boy, I always enjoy your content, because I find your acute, balanced and transparent rationale. Even if I don’t agree sometimes with your ideas, I still enjoy listening to them and have available another point of view from a respectable person. Sven, you can sell everything, or be invested 100%, it depends on your personal sometimes private life circumstances, as you have always been saying during your videos. Thanks again for your videos and keep them coming, you are my favourite YouTube channel.

  4. Thank you for everything you do, and of course please always try to maintain your integrity towards us, the viewers. With such high quality content i am sure you will do great in the future.

    Also cash is trash! 😆

  5. I hope you continue with the platform I will be there. Since I paid for my membership two years ago, I have read all your reports about all the companies trying to understand what investing is.
    I am doing my own rules about what I think of the companies.
    Right now I am very thankful because you reduce my time, in reading a lot of companies
    But when I invest I try to make my decision. I’,m not as crazy to follow you blindly.
    For me, your research is valuable.

  6. People need to take responsibility for their own investing, based on their needs and circumstances. Take ownership of your choices


    Sven’s investing “mindset” is still the same, which is value investing and the margin of safety

    Think of this “mindset” as a “tool” that you can use to do stuff
    Its a big problem when there is a lot of restrictions and expectations on “how” you use that “tool”
    The thing is that the expectations and incentive system at the “platform” influenced the degree of freedom Sven’s mindset/tool can do or reach

    Think of it as driving a car to a destination, how would you feel if the person at your back gives restrictions on the roads that you can or cannot use
    And at the same time you also need to make promises that you will arrive at 10 minutes etc etc
    I dont care how good of a driver you are but one thing is certain, you wont get there as fast as if there were nobody at the backseat

    1. Whats worse is being told what road not to use and when you didn’t get to the destination on time (performance) you get yelled at by those backseat drivers (platform expectations and limitations)

    2. I am a research platform member and never felt there was any expectations around guaranteed returns or investing in stocks hyped by the media/YouTube. If Sven was sharing his stock research alongside his personal holdings (doesn’t matter 2 or 10 stocks) that would have been fine by me. Bottom line, I think Sven wanted to cash out his sales from subscriptions and save some taxes along the way.

  8. Sven, thank you for the thoughtful video…I definitely missed you while you were out. Listening to you really helps me view the investment world differently. Thank you

  9. Everyone should just use Sven’s research to inform your own personal investment decisions. It really does not matter what he buys/sells for his personal accounts. His research should be just one of many tools available to us. As a value investor, now is the time to be buying good businesses that we like at mostly inexpensive and, in some cases, cheap valuations.

  10. All the best for you Sven! Sounds like a good choice. Thank you for all you have done and will do in the future for us learning value investors! ❤️

  11. I have enjoyed every video I watched. You have inspired my to some investments, but I am man enough not to blame you for the few loses. Thanks for the gains! Good luck with your next phase in life!

  12. Sven,
    Most people don’t like to work. Same when it comes to investing. They want to be told what to invest in, hot tips etc.

    These people (as you said many times) and also Buffet have said over and over, should buy index funds.

    Keep up the good work, but be open about all that you do since people respect your opinion and it’s important to be open.

  13. Thanks for the honesty. Probably wise to side step the market a bit, who knows. Although a lot of people will be disappointed as there are some good bargains out there currently. Yet if the wife and kids are invested it should speak volume to people thinking that you don’t like the market.

  14. Congratulations Sven. It takes a lot of courage to do the right thing. Focus on you inner scorecard don’t listen to the guys that say you to swing bum the rest will follow. People with the same mindset will join you.

  15. Good luck Sven with every decision you make.
    I have a lot of respect for you, you helped many people and that’s the most important thing.

  16. This makes sense to me. I had said in a chat that I agreed with “never sell shell” and because of that I almost didn’t sell when I saw a top at 28 and everybody said that it was a buy (that could be, but I bought most around 10), and I’m not an influencer or anything. You never know how saying anything publicly can hurt your decision making in the future

  17. The videos of yours I have always appreciated are your soft-skill videos and book reviews. I think the problem with a platform including a YouTube channel is people expect something on a regular basis and that is just not how investing works. I’ve followed you for years and made one transaction based on your recommendations. I get enormous value from your channel but I can see where YouTube and your platform make you feel like you need to ‘do something’ regularly. Opportunities do not happen each week, month, or even year.

  18. I appreciate your content, Sven. You are doing great work to help people think about their investments. It complicates things when you make a portfolio that is public. I never signed up, because I didn’t want to just copy someone else or pay for ideas that I didn’t research myself. You may lead me to a good idea, but I have to tend the field after the purchase to know when to sell, buy more, or hold. Please keep talking to your research methods. That is what is the most value.

  19. We simply do not deserve you Sven. Thank you for the transparency and the detailed explanations. You provide more than just investing advice. Mindset advice, life lessons advice. I have taken a lot from this and the 15 Lessons video. I am taking notes and we are grateful.

  20. I look forward to continue learning from you via the platform, being inspired to think for myself and hopefully being entertained on youtube 👏 I appreciate your transparency very much

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