15 Ways To Find Stocks To Buy | Margin Of Safety Chapter 9

15 ways to understand to discover great stocks to purchase. Chapter 9 of the best book: Margin of Security by Seth Klarman.

0:23 Not On Wall Street
2:43 Market Crash
4:36 Discount rate
5:11 Rate Of Return
6:37 Asset Conversions
8:02 52-Week Lows
9:16 Dividend Cuts
10:29 Deal? Why?
11:27 Market Inefficiency
12:37 Contrarian
14:18 80/20 Guideline
15:00 Multi-Sector
15:36 High Unpredictability
17:32 Management Reward
19:51 Sven
20:40 Conclusion

This becomes part of the Margin Of Security book Summary By Seth Klarman
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China –
Convertible Tesla Stocks –
BYND Stock Analysis –
WBD Stock Analysis –
Meta Platforms Too Inexpensive –
SA Apple Post

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15 Ways To Find | Margin Of Safety Chapter 9

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  1. Great Video! Looking forward to Amazon and Activision update. Are you still going to make a video about car companies?

  2. Thank you Sven,
    very interesting as always when it is about “Margin of Safety”.

    I would like to hear your thougts on Franchise Group Inc. (FRG), the CEO owns ~20% (for the point management incentive) of the company and they anounced a huge buyback program over the nex few years (~40% of current market cap), they also have a very attractive dividend which is currently covered by free cash flow. They own some very solid businesses which they franchise out or own the stores on their own. Currently they have a little bit of a problem with their furniture businesses and debt but in my opinion it looks manageable. They have a very good management team in my opinion and the stock price look very attractive at the current level.

  3. Hi Sven. Is there a way of investing undirectly in China so to avoid in-country regulations? E.g. An Australian mining company mainly selling to China or something like that. Thanks!

    1. yes, starting with Apple selling iphones, iron ore, whatever they are buying…..

    2. Yes.
      Tesla will do a lot of their sales business in China.
      Company name Far Fetch will be very active in China but not a Chinese share.
      Need to look around for Western companies that do business in China.
      Or a Chinese ETF or Chinese fund, one example is the Krane Shares ETF for China tech.
      And as someone else has mentioned below, Naspers.
      Do as much reading and research as you can do, investment decisions should not be quick easy and simple.
      China is tricky and/or China to big to ignore.
      Myself I have one portfolio only for China. Risky with potentially high rewards. I added the Far Fetch also.

  4. Sven thanks for the great content, what would you think if you found an interesting spinoff, but don’t understand the industry at all, I was looking at EHAB it’s a spin-off from encompass health hospice and home care , Good free cash flow, p/e 6, current ratio 1.4, long term liabilities are a bit high, and they are having issues with staff shortages and I guess risk are with insurance I don’t understand insurance risk. Thanks for your time

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