10 Stocks YOU Want To Buy Really Badly!!!!

Here are 10 that the comment area uses, here is my discussion and of course which one would I purchase if you give me a million!

0:45 Crocs
7:27 WBA
9:20 WBD
11:51 BAM
15:24 Autodesk
16:54 Nintentdo
18:30 Micron
21:22 MELI
23:28 Tesla
25:06 Nokia
26:09 Offer Me A Million

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10 Stocks YOU Want To Buy Really Badly!!!!

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  1. I started a small position in WBA a month ago. It looks like a really solid business with an acceptable valuation, I’m looking to add a bit more if it goes down, but it’s still around the same price when I bought it (which is pretty good considering the recent downturn)

  2. Q1 of WBD was only reporting the discovery numbers, WarnerMedia was not yet consolidated in the Q1 numbers. So cashflows are already much higher than 1B.
    WarnerMedia as a segment of At&t had about 6b in earnings in 2021 if i’m not mistaken.

  3. Hello Sven, I really enjoy your videos and many thanks for them! However I think you may have made a mistake with wbd when saying the business generated 238 million in fcf in q1 22. That number is only for discovery and does not inculde warner bros, we will have to wait until q2 results to see how much fcf per quatrter the whole business generates. So, 238 million ≈ 1 bln in fcf for 2022, to make it 38 times fcf valuation I think is not the complete story. But maybe I am missing something

  4. Wow you are on fire recently with your videos. Increasing frequency but also great quality videos too.
    Thanks Sven!

  5. Hey Sven, could you analyze Pandora (the danish jewelery company). It was pretty beaten down due to negative organic growth pre-pandemic, and at the same time it got hit pretty hard by the pandemic, but they still remained profitable during that. Now its sales are picking up and the stock price looks really cheap. It doesnt have much of a moat, but the margin of safety is so large, that it’s hard for me to pass on it

  6. Yeah, I’m buying WBA and WBD from this list, seems good value rn, but also Micron around $60 is a deal.

  7. Hi Sven,
    I have an interesting Finnish stock for you to analyze: QT group. QT group’s product is basically Microsoft office for programmers working on embedded systems. It has been called the new Nokia by the Finnish media (which is ironic in two ways 1. they were once part of Nokia 2. QT helps other companies to develop their products in changing markets where consumers more and more value software over hardware. Nokia famously failed to make this transformation.

    Pros of QT:
    – Great management
    – Finished product, they mostly spend money on marketing
    – High growth
    – Is already profitable
    – Market trends: IOT
    – Diverse customer base: IOT products, manufacturing, medical equipment, car companies.
    – Is the market leader
    – Their revenue comes from two sources: 1. product development licenses 2. distribution licenses: QT takes a small cut of every product sold that has been made with QT technology. So far, revenue has mostly come from 1. source so we should expect high growth from the 2. source in the future.

    Cons of QT:
    – Crazy valuation
    – Global supply challenges

  8. Hello Sven. It seems every company you analyze is too risky or not a good value. I think we would all like to see what you would invest in or at least your typical metrics for companies you buy. Thank you.

  9. Hi Sven, thanks for taking the time to look for WBD, I’ve been invested on discovery since the spin off was announced (jumped to quickly). But still keeping the shares and keep buying on the way down when I can. The reason it’s I do believe they can get to at least 6B of FCF. Discovery have a very stable 2,4B FCF + I suspect AT&T used Warner’s FCF before the spin off to invest in their business, that’s why it looks ugly on the S4 form. But if you take the FCF of AT&T it’s been pretty stable at 24-25B and they are projecting 20B for next year, meaning WBD should be Already FCF positive by around 5B. My only concern now it’s what could happened if we get into a resecion how the business would be hurt

  10. Hi Sven, thanks for sharing!
    I opened some positions in the chinese reit market, with the stock China SCE Property Holdings. The market is cyclical and things are going really badly, with a huge level of debt. But the valuations are really cheap and I think there could be some potential good investments for the future. What do you think? I watched your video made in 2018 on this, it would be great to have an update

  11. Idea for a stock to cover:

    PE = 20
    Market Cap 1.2B
    Cash 1.8B
    No debt
    300M net cash flows 2021
    Growing quite fast

    IMHO it’s about they been able to keep growing even if the sentiment about investing turns negative. But no debt, a pile of cash and profits and growth even this last quarter.

  12. It isn’t the cyclicality in Micron I’m watching, I just want to buy it around 1x tangible book (currently 1.56x)

    Can it go lower than 1x? Sure. But it typically doesn’t.

  13. By the way Sven, what about Lowe’s in one of your future lists ? I wonder what’s your take on their debt structure. Because besides that red flag (and the fact it’s retail, the widow maker 😛 ), it seems to be a consistent and efficient company, with fair growth prospects, fair value, a reliable dividend and no dilution. Medium risk, medium reward dividend growth proposition, at first glance.

  14. WBD is really interesting to me but the unmerged financials scare me. It is approaching that ”heads = i win, tails = i don’t lose much” range. I would love to your analysis! Great vid Sven

  15. I can’t believe I haven’t asked this before. The language of investing and stocks is basically accounting.
    Does anyone have recommendations on books/documentaries or anything that explains accounting (for investments)?

  16. As an investing enthusiast, I often wonder how top level investors are able to become Millionaire off investing, I do have a significant amount of capital that is required to start up but I have no idea what strategies and direction I need to approach to help me make decent

  17. Thanks Sven for these great examples. What you mention regarding Tesla I totaly agree and it’s overevaluated. But one thing needs to be taken in consideration – EV Market has huge potential and due to that do you believe NIO has more potential considering no P/E and no cash flow? I took this lesson in your interview in the Cooper Chanel 😉

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