10 Stocks To Buy Analysis / Risk & Reward

Everyone desires stocks to purchase! Well, every stock is a buy at some level which depends on what do you get out of a financial investment! Here are a couple of buys already but keep in mind, it is impossible to anticipate where the stock will go! The only thing we can do is to take a look at where the business may go and compare that to the cost the market, as our servant, offers us!

0:00 Stocks To Purchase
1:20 Apple Stock
5:18 Berkshire Stock
8:41 Intel Stock
13:41 Google Stock
15:36 Stock
17:23 Starbucks Stock
18:23 Microsoft Stock
19:37 Stock
21:01 FB Stock
22:46 Tesla Stock
25:58 Worth

Apple Stock Analysis
Stock Analysis
Intel Incomes Update
Google Stock Analysis

FB Stock Rate Target $311.

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10 Analysis / Risk & Reward

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  1. Hey Sven, what do you think about embecta? Did you look into the company already? If not, it is a spinoff of BD and manufactures diabetes supplies. It has high cash flows and is quite stable over the last view years (even though there isn’t much data because of the recent spinoff). I think it is really interesting, and I would love to hear your opinion on the company.

  2. Hi Sven, thanks for the video!
    I have a question regarding 15:00,
    why is it fair to assume a huge company such as google growing on average for the next 5 years by 15% and then 10%?
    Maybe im overly bearish from everything money, but this seems like pretty high expectations?
    I know i can download the excel and change the growth to any number i want, I just want to know why do you think this numbers are fair so i can learn
    No hate! truly want to know 🙂

    1. because it was already incredible for them to do that 10 years ago, but don’t also forget the risk part of the analysis at the end of the video ;_))

    2. Look at past performance and forward guidance… and how close past guidance/expectations has been to reality.

    3. This is why you should make your own calculations. If you dont believe these numbers are realistic, you should lower them in your calculation. This is the absolute core of valueing companies, and although i like Sven, he does not have a glass sphere where he can look into the future and tell you what growth a company is going to realise.

  3. Great video sven!
    Can you elaborate on the debate between dividends and buybacks
    And why some companies do buybacks wrong

  4. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​https://sven-carlin-research-platform.teachable.com/p/stock-market-research-platform
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  5. This is the video I’ve been waiting for. Every stock I’ve been buying heavy is on this list except TGT and AMZN but you’ve talked about both of them recently. Thanks!

    1. Might as well just buy s&p index. Would bet your performance buying these 10 stocks + those 2 would be almost identical to index over 5 years! Buying individual stocks might lower your fees over long run though

    2. I said every stock I’ve been buying heavy is on that list, not that I’ve been buying every stock on that list heavy.

    3. I’ve only been buying META, INTL > AMZN and TGT near current prices. Only other stock on that list I’d like to buy equally heavy is GOOG but not at its current valuation.

  6. Great video Sven! Value is exactly that… balancing risk and reward! It would be spectacular to see this approach in Prosus (PRX), given that you’ve been saying little about the Tencent lately. Thanks!!

    1. I asked him it’s on his reassuring platform so he can’t discuss it which I understand. I think Prosus is incredibly undervalued and tbh you don’t need Svens opinion really in this matter Mohnish Pabri has enough weight for me 😀

    2. @Josh Rog Of course, the opinions of Mohnish, Guy Spier and Robert Vinnal are already illustrative, but it would always be interesting to hear Sven’s opinion, always very thoughtful.

    3. @Zé Pedro yea don’t get me wrong I would love to hear what he has to say he does talk sense but if he can’t because of his platform that’s ok I still think I’m going to start buying prosus in the near future.

  7. Good income investors!

    Excellent review and really great stock choice for this…so many have been brought back to reality.

  8. Another great video! Thanks Sven! I’m waiting for Google to go back to 2k and Apple to drop to 120 range to start to add more . Intel and HPQ I’ll keep averaging down. Those are my four picks. All the best!

  9. Love the channel , and I own your book. While doing your videos, you jump back and forth between several websites that you use for your investment analysis. What websites do you use and/or recommend for your viewers to do their own due diligence analyzing businesses? Thank you and keep up the great work !

  10. Great list, four of them are in my “Value portfolio” already.
    I would add Nestle and Coca Cola to the list, but there are a lot of great options out there.

  11. I felt honored when you gave Intel the highest allocation 😂 Dr.Sven blessing your position is always a good start. Thanks for the update on the risks and rewards

    1. Glad as well, I just sold 2 puts against them and acquired some shares in case I don’t get out the shares

  12. Hi sven, id love to hear your analysis on Gopro, its currently trading at a P/E of just under 7 and i feel that because of their terrible track record and single digit growth the market maybe ignoring it, over last few years they have been transitioning the business model with their subscription models and therfore margins profitability are increasing and earnings volatility are reducing. they have also authorised 100m of share repurchases which at todays price equates to 9.4% of the business on market at Mk $940 million.

  13. Sven , a big thank for your analysis. Inflation being “The talk in the town” Apple, MSFT and GOOG will be the long term winners. They have the pricing power due to the echo system created over the years. The other reason is inflation may not eat in to their bottom lines as much it does to commodity based companies. Knowledge/ Individual skills would be the engine of future growth for most of the corporation across the board. Intel future is very unpredictable due to the intensified competition in the chips world. Apart from these knowledge based companies I would add some companies such as PEP, JNJ, CF, etc. to my watch list.

  14. Sven, really liked this format. I hope you can do this at least weekly or monthly the same way or at your discretion deem it of value to do for any changes. Very good. I get most of the websites you use, but also interested in a list of links perhaps, would be so helpful. Ty.

  15. I always watch your videos and they are excellent. I am an expert in the IT&telecom with technical background in IT security and Chip industry. However I do agree with other companies you listed here and you are the expert in company analysis, but I would say, Intel is not that good to upgrade it. Intel is far behind the innovation, almost like 2 years and they also dont have good mgmt. Instead of Intel, I would say AMD is more better in achievement, growth and has top management. AMD is in a very rapid growth in DC Chips and recently also start producing GPOs which are very important for parallel processing used mainly in server environment. GPO is one of NVIDIAs main focus. MS would also not be that good in next future because inflation and growth slowness in EU would affect it. But you are an expert here and I have no more feedback 🙂 Thanks for your excellent videos.

  16. Sven I’m here every day learning and just want to say I’m so grateful for all the great content you share. Keep up the good work / Marcus 29 from Sweden

  17. Great video, especially the discussion of risk at the end! I thought BRK owned a lot of Occidental Petroleum, but it’s not listed in your list of holdings. Why is that?

  18. Fantastic stuff, Sven. Your energy to keep putting out content so frequently is amazing. And the value you give is going to the moon, indeed!

  19. Hi Sven. Great videos and great analysis always!! Value investing forever! Would love to see that you included in a video like this one, an updated analysis for the following stocks (and I know you already have done some of them in the past): XOM, GNW, TX (interesting but very overlooked), VLO, LYB, RIO, LBTYA, and ODP. Congrats and keep going!

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