10 Rules To Escape Investing Fraud (Accounting & More…)

How to avoid fraud when investing is a typical question amongst investors. We have actually already talked about in depth the accounting scams part and how to prepare the books, but here I wish to discuss more the appropriate part for investors.

1:20 Accounting
2:56 The Devil
7:06 It is YOU
13:24 Incentive
15:06 Invert
15:56 Small Fraud
17:12 Great Service
17:58 Hearing
19:05 Follow The Money
21:46 Investigate
22:28 Trust

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Always keep in mind: "Investing involves danger of loss".

10 Rules To Escape (Accounting & More…)

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    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. if the person is knowledgeable of all businesses belonging to the ETF, and happy with the returns, you could argue that it is investing, couldn’t you? (Ain’t nobody doing that)

  1. 2 quick checks from the notes to the annual report:
    Self dealing – loans from the company to the Directors and C-suite to see if management is using the company as their private piggy bank;
    Legal Actions – most companies will have lawsuits against them from doing business but try to understand the nature of the law suits regarding fraudulent activities rather than just transactional activities.

    1. ti sa come el prete finiva la messa Dajla: fate quello che io dico e non quello che io faccio :-)))

  2. Csao Brate! I know your a busy man, but i was wondering your opinion( or if you could make a video in the future on small caps)?? I have put a decent amount of Money into Talon Metals and Aker Carbon Capture ASA. I think they have MASSIVE upside, and small caps are undervalued right now i thin more than mid and big caps. In cycles we know small caps are the first to bottom, and then the first to peak as well. I think it could be a good strategy to load up now, and when they rise and you sell, you can buy the mid/big caps as they will still be ascending. I am 1/3 small, 1/3 mid, 1/3 big cap in my portfolio. I know you like bigger, more stable companies……….so i was curious to your thoughts?

  3. Loved the topic. I will now stick to rule number 1. Got into AARK at peak but exited fast after you created the video and saved me tons of pain.

  4. I lost my many years savings one year ago on a fraud bitcoin trading plattform. By shorting/longing bitcoin with 100x leverage based on proposals from a team of supposedly machine learning/big data scientists and former wallstreet analysts my fund apparently grew from 52k to 250k dollars. However I’m not able to transfer the money back to my Kraken wallet.

  5. Thanks Sven. These kind of videos are really educating and worth far more than all the stock XYZ is screaming buy huge bull/bear market ist going to come etc. videos out there on YouTube.
    Highly appreciated!

  6. Great video. If the business model isn’t fully transparent or the promised returns are top good to be true – stay away.

  7. Regarding the “grey area” I think that it is crucial to understand that stock markets are mechanisms for the allocation of capital. Investors should never forget that capital can and does flow in both directions: some companies generate cash and use it to reward shareholders, some companies may do so in the future… while other companies are listed just to get cheap financing. We should never take for granted that shareholders are rewarded, especially in the “grey area”.

  8. I was too stupid to invest in Russia. Luckily I started my portfolio not so long time ago and the sums were not so big and maybe I’ll get my money back once. A big % of my portfolio is allocated in China also risky, but not as risky as keeping cash.
    I got a good lesson that I believe will help me in the future. Thanks for the video!

    1. @William Read if we speak about dealing with Russia than all world was Putin lover till 24/02/2022. I bet if you would check your fuel tank you would find that you are putin lover

  9. Fantastic video. Thank you!! I’ll definitely want to add these considerations to my investment plans. I have made some risky investments (China and trendy tech) and in the future I don’t want my greed to outweigh logic

  10. Thanks Sven, nice video. Beware – people don’t like being told they are being ripped off!
    I must admit over time I have become an expert on fraud. I guess that’s what happens when you share a cell for 12 years with Bernie Madoff. Three things Bernie taught me:
    1) don’t bend over to pick up the soap
    2) it’s always, always about the numbers

  11. Really goodcontent Sven. Please keep it up. Perhaps the greatest strategy is what Buffet and Clarman said never lose money and manage risks. It will 100%grow !

  12. I will watch this again and again. So far all I did, since getting my butt kicked by two local small cap companies that ended up frauding investors, was to turn to blue chips investments. Thank you! Appreciated.

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