10 Europe Stocks (Continental, ASML, VOPAK, PHILIPS, UNILEVER) part 1

Here are 10 examined: Continental, ASML, VOPAK, PHILIPS and Unilever! This is part one, sequel tomorrow and will put it in the link listed below.

0:00 Europe Stocks
1:32 Continental
9:42 ASML
12:40 Vopak
18:02 Philips
22:16 Unilever

Part 2
Eurostoxx 50 Video –
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10 Europe Stocks (Continental, ASML, VOPAK, PHILIPS, UNILEVER) part 1

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  1. I’ve been keeping an eye on asml as I want to add it to my portfolio. Looking for a lower entry, and cheering it lower still 😀

  2. Hi Sven, Great insight as always. Thanks for your recent European focus videos. They have been very helpful especially with my french PEA (Plan d’Epargne en Actions), which is a tax-efficient investment wrapper allowing French investors to buy and sell European securities with preferential conditions (similar to an ISA).

    The majority of companies I have invested in over the years have been doing ok in terms of dividend payments and stock price growth. However, there are always exceptions and I have three big ones. A few years ago I invested in Galapagos NV (now 30% down), Fresenius SE (now 33% down) and Ubisoft (now 20% down).

    I know you discussed some of these a few years ago. Do you have a new revised assessment of them? I don’t need to sell, but also I don’t want to waste resources on stocks with little chance of return save for waiting for a corporate takeover.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Hi Sven. Great Video as usual. My suggestion for another stock to analyse would be Bayer. I bought more than half a year ago, as I was not convinced with the exuberant prices all the growth stocks had, crazy P/E ratios and all that, so I went looking for something interesting more on the value side and also closer to my home (Switzerland). I had also seen your video from 3 years ago. Obviously Bayer had gone through rough years after acquiring Monsanto and the price seemed low, as the market capitalisation was close to the whole price they payed for Monsanto. Now they had quite the amazing performance through the downturn of the past few months leading the strong Pharmaceutical sector in performance. Earnings grew quite substantially in Q1 2022 but that might be transitory. I do believe that they have a very strong foundation for the future and will continue being a safe value investment (don’t see huge growth potential). I would be very interested in hearing your opinion about it. Thanks a lot!

    1. Good shout. I bought also bayer sub 50€ and I had similar thesis to your investment.
      Even that monsanto acquisition was sort of disasterous I think it might come out good. After all food and crop science is what we’ll always need. Especially now when Russia is being an a** and fertilizers and food is getting even more scarce.

  4. Hi Sven, I think you viewed the wrong company. Around 12 minutes into the video you show slides from ASM International, instead of ASML (ASML was a JV between ASM Internation and Phillips a few decades ago). Otherwise good video as always 🙂

    1. Yes indeed! They are 2 different companies! Sven è la riprova che sei umano anche tu!! 💖

  5. Hi Sven, great analysis as usual. I’ve been wondering what your opinion is on the massive discounts that seem to exist in Korean Preferred Shares such as those in Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund.

  6. Hi Sven
    I am following all your videos and like as I feel you are telling some new always which is key.
    1. What do think about Paypal after so much beating and business is based on money moving through their systems , even if with some competition, I heard that their conversion rate is that separate them from others and they have lots partnerships and have arrangements even with competitors.
    2. EQB – Canadian online bank and have good balance sheet and growth and valuations are cheep?

  7. Ok, let me ginve you two other european suggestions:

    1) HeidelbergCement: Currently trades with a PE-ratio of just 5, if you take the average earnings from 2015-1029 you get to a PE-ratio of 8-10. The free Cashflow Yield is even better and you get a dividend yield above 5%. Of course, higher energy prices and a slowing constructing industry might lead to a bumpy right for the next 1-2 years, but that seems to be reflected in the price already and on top of that, the management is guiding that they will be able to compensate for higher costs by raising prices. The reported numbers of the competitor Holcim seems to back that up. Debt has been reduced meaningfully within the last years and can be payed off with the free cashflow of 2,5 years. And finally, they have a stock buyback program of 1 billion currently running, which is over 10% of the outstanding shares. The market may be overly pessimistic here.

    2) Strabag: Also a 5% dividend yield and very similar multiples like HeidelbergCement with the difference of having a very clean balance sheet. So clean, that they were able to payout a 20% special dividend last year. Of course, it’s european and we all know constructing spending is likely to slow down meaningfully. But whenever I’m driving around southern Germany, every main construction site seems to be run by them. Literally every single one when it comes to rails, train stations, highways etc.

    1. Yeah, FCFs tend to get destroyed in adverse situations. And then debt kills the rest of the earnings.

    2. @Gruust Yeah, but the mentioned companies are not highly indebted. Especially Strabag is debt free even…

  8. Verbund would be awesome. Austrian energy company with a heavy focus on renewables + it has done really well recently

  9. Ok, another one: Bayer

    They really suffered after acquiring Monsanto a few years ago, but the earnings and free cash flow are there and setting aside the legal risks, the multiples are really low. Other than that, their crop science business unit should see additional headwinds in the near to midterm future

    1. @E S You should look into the annual report rather than just some superficial numbers like the current PE ratio you find somewhere on the web. The current PE ratio is close to 5 if you factor out non-repeating expenses like legal costs they had to pay.

  10. My understanding of OCI is that it’s currently benefiting from the high energy prices – and I bought to catch a bit of that profit through dividend (currently almost 5%). My question is: is it (also) a long term play or should I consider it a cyclical business? I guess it’s also a question about longer-term energy prices & is this an energy transition play?

  11. You are crushing it lately, Sven! Great content as always!
    I’m long INTC since the current price is (IMO) making it a great deal not only from the growth prospect but also from the dividends. I know you analyzed it many times before and the only thing that has changed lately is that the government is less likely to finance some of their CAPEX, so there is no need to waste your time redoing it.

  12. What do you think about Volkswagen? Huge retained earnings, huge FCF, extremely low PE, huge dividends, huge patent portfolio, seemingly hated by most. And likely to leave TESLA in the dust. I guess it’s mostly a question of timing. Potentially incoming recession and energy issues in Europe will put a huge dent in car makers. But after that….. also, EVs are constrained by resources. Hydrogen probably still the way to go in the end. And VW has tons of ICE patents that could be relevant to some extent.

  13. Continental is dependent on cycles of carmanufactors. But I know some of the stories of the Conti decline. Most important is that they were surprised by the sudden change of Volkswagen (and others) to electrocars. Totally different industry and they overslept beeing confident in their previous guaranteed success. One of many gigants that may be at best good dividend donors.

  14. I am looking forward to the second half of this video tomorrow. I want to expand my investments outside of the United States. I am looking for foreign companies who already have exposure to the US markets and/or are seeking expansions of their businesses into America. Total Energies is an example of a company I am already invested in. Aalberts N.V. is an example of a company I trying to learn more about.. My biggest challenge is I can’t find enough quality sources to help me make an educated decision on this company. I know this upcoming quarter will be down. AALB,AS just hit a 52 week low. I am optimistic for their future. Might this be a good time to invest in Aalberts?

  15. The Indian subsidiaries of Unilever & Nestle gonna probably do well for the next 10 years . Sven are you eventually gonna make a video about Indian stocks?

  16. Hi Sven, I was wondering if you could analyze upstart. From a quick look it looks very undervalued ( 20 PE with triple figure YOY revenue growth). However there are many risks (capital markets, loans on balance sheet and falling consumer confidence) that many investors are not aware of.

  17. To add a little color on Philips management: They once started a subsidiary in 1984 but times got tough a few years later. Philips wanted to focus on their core business without other distractions so they spun it off as a separate company. That company then went public in 1995 at which Philips immediately sold half their shares then sold the rest just a few years later. Today, that company is called ASML and has a market cap of $194B while Philips is at $17B.

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