What Can You Do If Your Retirement Plan Gets Off Track?

What do you do if you haven't put enough cash into your retirement account throughout your working life, and you know you don't have adequate money or time to fund the retirement you desire?

You may be tempted to imitate a losing football group and toss caution to the wind with a Hail Mary pass. However your monetary life is more substantial than a football game, and what you do not want to do is to make a bad scenario even worse.

If your retirement strategy has actually gotten off track, there are still some actions you can take to try to get it back on track. In this episode, Mark Riepe speaks to Cindy Scott. Cindy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL ORGANIZER ™ expert with in Westlake, Texas, and has actually assisted numerous individuals in setting retirement objectives and developing strategies to pursue those goals and achieve them. She was a guest on the show back on Season 8, Episode 3: " How Can You Set Better Goals?" ()

A few of the concerns Mark and Cindy go over include:

– How to get an accurate evaluation of just how much cash you'll require in retirement;
– 4 levers you can utilize to try to return on track;
– The role of Social Security in retirement;
– Tax efficiency, cash reserves, and lots of other subjects.

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What Can You Do If Your Retirement Plan Gets Off Track?

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