Welcome to the New Schwab YouTube Channel

Because Charles obtained , we have actually been working to combine our complementary strengths– including our innovative services, industry-leading platforms, and enduring commitment to low expenses. Our brand-new YouTube channel also integrates the strengths of both business by bringing you the best professional market commentary and investing education all in one place.

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Welcome to the New YouTube Channel

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  1. In the home page of TD app, we had the daily state of the 3 major indexes: DIJA, Nasdaq and S&P 500.
    It would be nice to keep something like that in the Schwab app. It helps giving a quick sight on how the market is going for the day.
    Thank you

  2. My TD Ameritrade Account was finally moved on November 6, 2023. I already had an account with Charles Schwab so the transition was Seamless and Flawless.

    1. We hope you will take a minute to review all that we have done to maintain a similar experience with videos, webcasts and instructions on a wide variety of topics. Many of the videos you might have watched weeks ago were rebranded as reposted. Webcasts continue to offer daily education and application of strategies in today’s market. Check them out. https://www.youtube.com/@tradertalkswebcasts/streams

    1. Check out the content we offer and continue to build upon each day. You will find it nearly identical to what you experienced prior the conversion. ^BC

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