Swimming with Sharks

Often it appears as if threat hides around every corner. Report of occasions like airplane crashes and shark attacks make grave danger to life and limb feel genuine and impending. And while there's no doubt that danger belongs of life, are these the kinds of events we should really be worried about?

On this episode of Choiceology with Dan Heath, () we analyze a bias that impacts the method you view both risk and benefit.

We trace how this bias may have assisted your forefathers avoid lions hiding in the tall turf– however may also adversely affect your decisions around things like getaways and lottos.

The episode begins with Ranie Pearce and her traumatic tale of adventure in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Ranie Pearce is and achieved open water swimmer and a member of the South End Rowing Club ()

You'll hear an experiment involving sharks– and something even more unsafe– at the Vancouver Aquarium () in British Columbia.

And Dan Gardner () discusses the mental roots of our typical misperceptions about risk and benefit. He is the author of Danger: The Science and Politics of Fear ()

You can discover how to decrease the influence of this bias in your monetary choices in an article called Easy Access: How the Schedule Heuristic Injures Our Judgments. ()

Choiceology is an initial podcast from Charles () For more on the series go to .com/podcast ().

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( 0418-8JKZ).

Swimming with Sharks

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