No Mean Feat: With Guests Albert Chen & Elizabeth Tipton

It's halftime at a basketball game. A kid nervously steps onto center court. If he can score a basket from center court, he'll take home the prize money. He informs the commentator that he plays on his primary school group and that he has been practicing for this minute. The crowd holds their breath as the ball cruises through the air, strikes the backboard … and enters. The arena emerges in enjoyment. Could he be the next Michael Jordan?.

In this episode of Choiceology with Katy Milkman (), we take a look at how amazing efficiencies can misguide individuals about future outcomes.

Sports Illustrated has featured some of the world's fastest-rising stars and sporting skills since 1954. Getting on the cover was a career emphasize for numerous and a milestone to higher things. But being featured on the cover likewise appeared to lead to misery. Many athletes suffered significant dips in performance after their cover was released. The phenomenon was dubbed the "Sports Illustrated cover jinx." It seemed that no one– from high school baseball prodigies to among the greatest athletes of all time, Serena Williams, was safe..

Previous Sports Illustrated editor Albert Chen () recounts some of the more remarkable examples of athletes who came down with the jinx. Then he takes us behind the scenes at the magazine and reveals what he believes is behind the curse.

Albert Chen is a writer and podcaster and previously a senior editor at Sports Illustrated. He's likewise the author of the book Billion Dollar Dream ().

Next, Katy speaks to Elizabeth Tipton (), a specialist on regression to the mean, about how removed data points can hide the real measure of something.

Elizabeth Tipton is an associate teacher of statistics and data science at Northwestern University ().

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No Mean Feat: With Guests Albert Chen & Elizabeth Tipton

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