More Than a Feeling: With Guests Jamie Wall, Mona Krewel & Alex Edmans

While it's good to consider ourselves as logical decision-makers, generally, emotion contributes in how we decide. Some people may invest more on a new cars and truck when the weather condition is nice. Others may take bigger threats than normal after delighting in a sweet dessert. Some may make rash options following a frustrating end to their favorite TV series.

In this episode of Choiceology with Katy Milkman (), we take a look at how positive or unfavorable sentiment from one part of your life can overflow and impact decisions in another.

In New Zealand in 2011, 2 seemingly unassociated events– a general election and a Rugby World Cup ()– might have been linked and affected by nationwide state of mind.

Auckland-based author and rugby player Jamie Wall () brings us the story of the fabled All Blacks (), the New Zealand guys's nationwide rugby team, and their nail-biting final match against archrival France. The All Blacks were thought about among the best groups in the world however had not won a World Cup in 24 years. While they had home field advantage in 2011, they were facing steeper odds with the loss of a number of essential players to injury during the competition..

You can read more about rugby and the All Blacks in Jamie Wall's books, including his most current, Brothers in Black ().

New Zealand's prime minister at the time, John Secret (), bucked custom by announcing a national election earlier than usual in his government's required– the country does not have a regular election cycle– and by picking an election date quickly after the end of the World Cup competition. Some in journalism speculated that this was a calculated relocation, implied to benefit from any favorable nationwide belief that may occur from a World Cup win..

Political researcher Mona Krewel () explains how wins and losses in significant sporting occasions can have a measurable effect on the result of elections. Monal Krewel is a lecturer in relative politics with an expertise in the study of elections, political celebrations, and popular opinion at Victoria University of Wellington ().

Next Alex Edmans () joins Katy to discuss his research study into how nationwide sentiment can impact the stock exchange. National sporting events appear to have a result on markets in addition to elections, especially after crucial losses. However in more recent work, Alex discusses how he and his collaborators discovered a novel way to determine sentiment on a nationwide level utilizing information from Spotify ().

Alex Edmans is a teacher of finance at London Service School () and the existing Mercers' School Memorial Teacher of Company at Gresham College (). He's also the author of the current book Grow the Pie: How Excellent Business Deliver Both Function and Earnings ()..

Finally, Katy reviews numerous techniques to assist you decrease the negative effects of specific feelings on key choices..

Choiceology is an initial podcast from Charles (). For more on the series, check out .com/podcast ().

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More Than a Feeling: With Guests Jamie Wall, Mona Krewel & Alex Edmans

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