Judge the Judges: With Guests Daniel Kahneman, James Hutchinson & G.M. Pucilowski

Numerous episodes of this podcast deal with cognitive predispositions that can impede our decision-making abilities. In this episode of Choiceology with Katy Milkman (), we take a look at a different sort of mistake: how completely unimportant information can adversely affect our judgments, making them differed and unpredictable.

This variability of human judgment– or noise– is the topic of a brand-new book by Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman (), with Cass Sunstein () and Olivier Sibony (). You'll hear an interview with Kahneman later on in the episode where he describes his preoccupation with the significant and expensive impacts of sound. He proposes methods to reduce the problem of sound for markets, organizations, and individuals who need to make more objective judgements.

But initially, we'll dive into the world of red wine judging. G.M. "Pooch" Pucilowski () will take you on a guided trip of the California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition (). You'll find out about the requirements for evaluating various varietals– and the accompanying challenges that white wine judges face as they swirl, smell, and sip through dozens and in some cases hundreds of different white wines..

After years of collaborating and observing the judges, Pooch discovered a large amount of irregularity in the outcomes. This might not be unexpected, considering that taste is subjective. But after some tweaks to the procedure, he even began to see that judges were inconsistent with themselves!

Go into vintner and retired oceanographer Robert Hodgson. Pooch coordinated with Hodgson to create a way to study and enhance the consistency of wine evaluating and push for a more objective competition. The outcomes were appealing, however not without debate.

You can read Robert Hodgson's term paper on red wine judging here ()..

G.M. "Pooch" Pucilowski is a speaker, writer, red wine judge, and educator. He runs white wine appreciation classes through his University of Wine ().

You'll likewise become aware of the possible role of chemical analysis and artificial intelligence in enhancing the outcomes of red wine judging from James Hutchinson, previously of the Royal Society of Chemistry () and presently CEO of KiwiNet ().

And lastly, Katy checks out the capacity of leveraging sound to produce better choices by using the knowledge of crowds– and even "the crowd within."


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Judge the Judges: With Guests Daniel Kahneman, James Hutchinson & G.M. Pucilowski

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