A Smarter Long Call Options Strategy | How to Buy Calls on thinkorswim®

include risks and are not suitable for all investors. Before trading, read the Disclosure File: With long calls, some alternative traders pick to swing for the fences whenever, making pie-in-the-sky bets with high threat and high prospective returns. That strategy might suggest big wins when it works, but it might likewise bring a lot of strikeouts and big losses. We'll explain how to potentially dial back the danger a bit for a "smarter method" to purchase long calls.

. 0:00 -1:27 Intro
1:28 -3:07 What is a ?
3:08 -4:25 greeks
4:26 -8:45 Errors to prevent
8:46 -15:49 The smarter approach
15:50 -19:01 Exit rules
19:02 -23:35 Handling your alternatives trades

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A Smarter Strategy | How to Buy Calls on ®

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