Why Value Investing? Your Intellect Beats The Stock Market

"You don't desire anything to do with the evil of money management!" –

The faster you begin , the longer you need to compound interest. The Rule # 1 technique is based on worth principles, an attempted and true technique evangelized by the best investors in the world (like Warren Buffett!). New investors have a special chance to start strong with value investing as their foundation – without the requirement to employ a financial advisor.

Start investing today, on your own, and secure your and your family's financial future.

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Why Value Investing? Your Intellect Beats The Stock Market

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    1. I would add discipline. Through knowledge AND discipline, our chains are broken. If you start investing with any strategy, and you’re not disciplined, it can bury you. Must have discipline.

  1. These vids give us insight into who is the future of Rule One Investing. Phil is apparently setting his analysts up to be just that.

  2. i took Phil’s course in Nov 22 and now i pulled the trigger on a couple of trades (now down to one trade) and have made very close to $200K on top of my origional investment. Best thing i ever did/. Cuts through all the noise and excess info others try to stuff down your throats. Thanks Phil

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