Why the Stock Market Hates Rising Interest Rates | Phil Town

The stock market dislikes increasing rates of interest. What I'm discussing is how the majority of financiers and organizations respond to rising rate of interest and the result that has on the stock market.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:23 – Download The Market Crash Guide
02:33 – Interest Rates Impact On The Stock Market
03:44 – Modifications In the Market Cause A Reset
06:04 – Question: How Do You Think The Stock Market Will Respond To Increasing Rates Of Interest?

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Why the Stock Exchange Hates Increasing Rate Of Interest

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  1. Xtreme Gainz has been tracking the algos and SPY is following 2008. The projection shows the serious falling starting from May 20th. I’m laying in short positions to make money on the way down before buying back in when the market turns up again.

  2. There is a lot of borrowed money in the market. (hence, its why it doubled since the covid crash in 2020) As cost of capital rises, the borrowers are taking out their borrowed money from the market. I am in the market all the time so I understand this is part of a process…..a painful process

  3. Hi thanx for info, am wondering, how are banks going to progress in this situation, will they benefit or fall?

  4. I only invest in British and US companies. But this current situation is kind of scaring me. I’m wondering whether I should go all in (or pretty much all in) on gold and other commodities?🤔

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