Why Crypto Is Not For Value Investors | Phil Town

This video demonstrates how in Cryptocurrency does not align with Rule # 1 concepts. In reality, crypto is not for worth financiers for some outstanding factors.

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00:00 – Intro
01:09 – Download: The 4 Ms For Successful Investing
01:16 – Crypto Has No Intrinsic Value
02:05 – Crypto Is Extremely Unpredictable
02:48 – Crypto Is Prone To Cyber Attacks
03:07 – Crypto Is Not Controlled
03:48 – Question: Why Do Or Don't You Buy Cryptocurrency?



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  1. I agree with a lot of what you say however , Bitcoins intrinsic value is that we the human race accept it and therefore it can transmit value through time accross borders and is about the only thing that the government cannot compell taxation on because one can move to a low tax jurisdiction. Just a thought

  2. What do you or don’t you invest in crypto? Leave a comment below.

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  3. “I think it’s reasonable to own it as a part of a diversified portfolio, and I’m not giving anybody investment advice, by the way. 
    I have been researching and I think it’s interesting”. Tim Cook

  4. I have zero interest in non-productive assets. Any idea that distracts me from thinking like a permanent business owner is foolish.

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