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A typical concern for many Americans is "What if you have no retirement cost savings at 50 years old?" If you're nearing retirement and have no plan yet, don't stress, I have some Rule # 1 ideas that can help.

I also have a Retirement Quiz you can take at the link above, which will assist you determine just how much you'll need as soon as you retire, no matter what age you begin conserving.

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00:00 – Intro
02:12 – Tips To Assist You Retire
03:44 – Take My Free Retirement Quiz
03:58 – Making Changes In Your Retirement Strategy
05:48 – Apply Rule # 1 Principles When You Retire
06:43 – Concern: Are You On Track For Retirement?


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What to Do If You Have No Retirement Cost savings at 50

What to Do If You Have |

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  1. Fidelity recommends having savings of 10x your annual earnings by age 67. Is this reasonable? High or low?

  2. Are you on track for retirement? If not, what will you do to catch up? Leave a comment below!

    I have a Retirement Quiz you can take which will help you determine how much you’ll need once you retire, no matter what age you start saving. Click here: https://bit.ly/372gDrs

  3. Most retirement calculators base their results on market returns with no draw down in account balance. How about those of us who have no children or anyone to leave our money to? I intend to die broke!

  4. No retirement savings at the age of 50? Well,
    🎶Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies.
    Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain
    For we’ve received orders for to sail back to Boston.
    And so nevermore shall we see you again”🎶😳

  5. I am lucky as I have a public service pension to retire on. I have being paying in for over twenty years with another twenty to go. I also buy stocks and re-invest the dividends as well as new capital. The younger a persons starts saving the better but as this video says it is never too lateto start.

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