What Makes A CEO Great?

The CEO is the captain of the ship. If you can't rely on the management resulting in the company you're interested in in, it might not be the business for you.

Jamaal walks us through the key characteristics every Ruler ought to try to find in a CEO, how to finest research them, and how they can affect investments.

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What Makes A CEO Great?

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  1. Great video today, Guys. I appreciate the insight on reading the shareholder letter from the previous year to determine if they did what they said they would do. This seems like a wonderful place to start when researching to see if management is working.

  2. We may be “little people” but with Budweiser, investors and consumers can vote with their money. I agree with Jamaal on IPOs, they’re very popular but no track record through recessions and NO moat. 🚨👍

  3. Questions for Phil: were there red flags that were missed in the story of the company with lying management and no integrity? Was there any way for due diligence to have uncovered that lack of integrity?

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