What Do The Biggest Fed Rate Hikes In 28 Years Mean for Value Investors | Phil Town

A couple of weeks earlier, the Fed chose to raise rates by another 75 basis points. Discover what mean for worth financiers and their prospective returns.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:54 – Download: The Rule # 1 Inflation-Ready List
01:07 – What Do The Latest Walkings Mean For Financiers Like You?
02:22 – So, What Should You Do?
03:10 – Question: How Do You Believe The Big Rate Walkings Will Play Out In The Economy?


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What Do The Greatest In 28 Years Mean for Worth Investors:

What Do The Biggest Fed Rate Hikes In 28 Years Mean for Value Investors |

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  1. The truth is with this recent economy everyone needs more than their salary to be financiaIIy stable. The best thing to do with your money is to lnvest it rightly because money left for savings always end up used with no returns.,.

  2. Uncle Sam + HM = your country needs you and keep calm and carry on! Stay patient folks, be greedy when others are fearful soon! 🤜🤪

  3. Could be like Japan economy for next 20 years and with serious debt problems. Not lots of safe place to put money, I think we can time the bottom of the market and buy and hold quality companies and some hard assets as well.

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