The Power Of Patience

It's indisputable: Perseverance is a huge factor when it pertains to . will be the first to inform you that you're not going to get abundant overnight. But when applying the right practices and actively purchasing your education to move toward the promises you've made to yourself, you have control over what comes next. All it takes is a bit of patience and an enthusiasm for growth and education.


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    1. Which hard times? You mean great times!! And this is inspiration. Thank you, @Phil! I met you 7yrs ago and that was great. Like it! Happy New year guys!!

  1. Thank you Phil! Hey I was wondering if the average investor can beat the market with individual stocks without using options. Cheers!

  2. Here are the canyons that Phil is playing in…
    Bank OZK
    Activision Blizzard (workout)
    Huntington Ingalls
    Sprouts Farmers Market
    Armada Hoffler Properties
    Sturm Ruger

  3. For me it is an entourage effect. Quiet the chatter in the mind, give back, and being in and around nature.

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