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What is and what is Dollar Expense Averaging? There are a great deal of various and complicated strategies and if you're somebody who wishes to discover , view this video to clear up the confusion.

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00:00 – Intro
01:21 – Download: The Complete Guide To Investing For Beginners
01:44 – Vs Day Trading
02:32 – Understanding Swing Trading
04:08 – Comprehending Dollar Expense Averaging
06:56 – Question: Do You Believe Swing Trading Or Dollar Expense Averaging Are Sound Investing Strategies?


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Do Not Get Caught In the Dollar Expense Balancing Trap!

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Swing Trading vs Dollar Cost Averaging Pros & Cons

Swing Trading vs Dollar Cost Averaging Pros & Cons |

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  1. Dollar cost averaging and portfolio diversification are terms parroted by financial planners to keep your capital invested with them. 👌🏻👀🤐

    1. My opinion is that it is wise to do that with the SPY when the Buffet indicator is at good ratio. It is still expensive right now.

  2. DCA is a perfectly viable strategy, especially if you keep DCAing into an index fund or even an individual company. It can also be a good technique for keeping emotions at bay- rather that invest lump sum and worry about market movements, you drip feed spreading out the risk over time. It’s weird because you were recommending passive investing in the past, including DCAing if I recall correctly. What has changed? Not everyone is a full time investor and have time to analyse individual companies.

  3. Ben Graham and Warren Buffett both said to invest in index funds so there is nothing left to learn.

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