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What's taking place in the economy today might feel extraordinary– however it's not! We have actually seen soaring inflation, increasing , and impressive debt at various times throughout history. Are we headed for an economic downturn?

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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Download: Stock Exchange Crash Survival Guide
02:12 – What Is An Economic downturn?
04:00 – And
05:40 – Concern: Do You Think We Are Headed Toward Another Economic crisis?


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Throughout an Economic downturn

What Truly Causes Economic Downturns?

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Signs We're Headed Toward Another Economic downturn:

Signs We're | Phil Town

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    1. Business is cooked man. Advertising revenue is down and young people turning away to Tiktok. Good financials, but then so did Kodak and Blockbuster at one time.

  1. Homeboy Phil is like that cool af, OG Uncle we all wish we had. He can drink champagne, but also ride his harley and camp in the forest. It’s not even about investment for me man, I watch homeboy Phil is he’s like a Father figure to me.

  2. Jim Rickards claims a depression is below trend growth but either way, stay patient and sit tight folks. “The best time to deploy capital is when the markets to down”. 💰

  3. Hope I have enough cash and stay employed so I can buy. I have been buying about four companies as they have been below my on sale price. Probably deployed capital to fast.

  4. Did the GDP go down to normalize? Looking at the data prior to the GDP going down you see it increase exponentially. I have yet to come across someone talking about that (seems like everyone is just talking in reaction to headlines) and would like to understand that more and what it means to our markets. It looks like the GDP increased a lot once more supply was available, but that’s just my speculation. I know inflation is a problem that needs to be addressed, but just wondering how all of this will play out over the next few years and what if anything at all will change

  5. Thanks Phil, I bought long term Leap in the money puts, IWM, QQQ, DIA. Sitting on my hands waiting for the bottom to drop out. Thanks for all you do.

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