Should You Adjust Your Discount Rate in Today’s Market? | Phil Town

With all of the economic uncertainty in the stock market right now, should you change your or should you adhere to your regular investment strategy?

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00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Download: Guideline # 1 Calculators for Analysis
01:23 – What Is A ?
04:05 – My Recommendation
05:00 – Concern: Should You Change Your Discount Rate in Today's Market?


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Must You Adjust Your Discount Rate in Today's Market:

Should You Adjust Your Discount Rate in Today's Market? |

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    1. Have I got this right: There is a guy offering you a way to identify stocks that will go up – and massively up – even in a down market, you won’t take his advice because he screwed up the sound check?

  1. I was thinking the same with adjusting the Margin of Safety BUT I will continue to remain patient in cash and see where these bubble markets take us in the next few months/years.

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