Rule #1 Team: Meet Freedom

In 2018, Flexibility left her career in accounting to support her child through an unexpected health problem. Together, they went to a motivational conference, and occurred to hear Phil speak and immediately signed up for a workshop. From there, Flexibility and her child invest together, leaning on each other's passions and interests to build a dynamic portfolio geared toward building generational wealth for their future.

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Team: Meet Freedom

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  1. I wish I had had you as an instructor when I did the class. You filled in one night with our class and it was amazing! Your story is fabulous! Keep teaching this amazing material!

  2. Freedom is the embodiment of “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. Where the weekend workshop is drinking from the firehose, she takes the time to trickle down that firehose to drops of knowledge at a pace that works for each individual student. And that stick is the knowledge she carries and shares with us. I feel so blessed to have her as my first of many instructors.

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