Rising Interest Rates And The Housing Market – What Is The Impact? | Phil Town

If you are questioning the impact of rising and the real estate market, then watch this video for my thoughts.

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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Download: How To Select Stocks With My 5-Step List
04:15 – The Stock Market And Realty
05:44 – Where Is The Stock Exchange Opting For Real Estate?
06:33 – Question: What Do You Think About Rising Rate Of Interest And The Real Estate Market?


What Makes Stocks Go Up & Down?

How The Stock Market Affects the Economy

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Increasing And The – What Is The Effect?

Rising Interest Rates And The – What Is The Impact? |

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  1. Question is which is better-getting a home with around 8 percent mortgage (next year) that cost 25-30 percent less or get it now? I am in the camp to wait and get the home at a lower cost with the high interest rate. You can always refinance when interest rates come down (it may cost you a couple of thousands of dollars).

  2. The argument about interest rates being low so people can afford a house not working and the federal government being at fault is pretty obtuse. The idea is that if more people have money the prices will increase is correct, but the cost of new houses being built should not increase that much and more houses would be built if more people have the money to pay for one. Now, if everybody wants a house in the same place then land price will increase, that is limited so it makes sense but that’s a problem with the people and with the transportation problem. I think what you’re not factoring in is that the seize of the american home increased, the comfort of a home increased, the materials used are more expensive and that is partially because they are better, and partially because resources to make those materials are harder to extract and partially because people around the work have more money for houses and are competing for those materials. The price of the American house compare to average income did not increase because the government supports cheap loans, it increased because everyone wants a bigger and better house, including people in China who buys a lot of construction materials.

    1. And even with “modern” (i.e. end of 20th century) technology residential construction costs have gone up 3x in the last 20 years. It’s not clear to me why the market hasn’t brought construction costs down, but one possibility is that low interest rates have meant that they did not have to…

  3. I’m thinking of investing into a REIT as well as wonderful businesses on sale. Thanks for talking about them Phil, we’re waiting for the last snowflake to cause a global avalanche. 🤜

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