Real Talk About The Stock Market

While the stock exchange is a great tool for intensifying cash, you can't trust that it's going to bring you the returns you need. What financial advisors will not inform you? There are substantial lulls that might squash your retirement plan. Given the current bull market-mania, we might be in for twenty years of no place and your portfolio could suffer. Take obligation, believe seriously about what you want your future to appear like and begin developing generational wealth for your household now.

0:17: Jeremy Siegel's stock exchange study
2:20: The problem with the stock exchange
3:19: How could this effect your retirement strategy?
3:27: Rate of interest effect on the stock exchange
3:53: The evils of finance
4:15: Take control of your monetary future!

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Real Talk About The Stock Market

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  1. How does this trading stuff work? Am really interested but I just don’t know how it go about it. I heard people really make it huge trading

  2. 20 years of nowhere instead of a profitable crash is the fear that causes me to question, with fixed rate options returning over 5% at this point, if it might not be a decent idea to create a far more substantial position with something like brokered CDs rather than DCA the majority of savings into the stock market. Even if I just put it all into 3 month CDs so I can still take advantage of a crash, were it to happen, that wasn’t simply a momentary dip, would that possibly be better than just continuing to DCA into the stock market like it’s business as usual?

  3. UNFORTUNATELY, he skewed his research. He chose only very low yielding bonds. Choosing the types of bonds a normal person would choose actually greatly increases the bond returns.
    Heritage wealth planning had a video discussing that.

  4. If rates were to stay this high for years, I’d be very concerned. But is that going to happen? Likely the FED begins lowering rates back down in 24′.

  5. If one merely dollar cost averages through the period that he shows at 3:25, you would make a handsome return on your money. Check out the video, “The surprising advantages of dollar cost averaging: the hidden gem of investing.” It is truly eye-opening.

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