Real A.I. with Nuno Neves Cordeiro | InvestED Podcast | Episode #421

The recent releases of some effective AI tools have reframed the popular understanding of what AI really is, and the world has remembered. Sometimes when technology takes a rapid leap forward, how can business prevent being behind the curve?

Following some recent discussions about the prominence of expert system in the existing cultural discussion, Phil and Danielle brought in professional Nuno Neves Cordeiro to clarify and address a few of their lingering questions and resolve some of the pop culture myths surrounding AI.

0:23 Warren Buffet & Charlie Mungar
11:50 Rule-based AI vs. Machine Learning
14:51 How can you use AI?
16:51 OpenAI and ChatGPT's generating income from algorithm
20:16 Bard web surfing
22:56 AI changing Google
23:27 AI changing web surfing
24:54 How Microsoft utilizes AI
28:22 Do algorithms in fact work?
34:11 Generative language designs
41:00 AI replacing jobs


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Real A.I. with Nuno Neves Cordeiro | InvestED Podcast | Episode #421

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