Publicly Traded Banks | InvestED Podcast | Episode 411

What happens when banks have development as their top priority? With the present instability, what can the general public vs economic sector argument tell us about our financial institutions?

When management is beholden more to investors than to their clients, it can lead to wildly different results regarding the security of their customers' possessions.

This week, Phil and Danielle continue to analyze the current bank failures and go over some of their problems with the structure of present monetary systems.

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Publicly Traded Banks | InvestED Podcast | Episode 411

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  1. It’s really helpful to see some real-world examples of successful bank investments, as well as some cautionary tales about what to watch out for when investing in this sector.

  2. Option premiums on OZK puts are really interesting right now. Sold some 17.5 and 20 puts APR or MAY.

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