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Disclaimer: I'm not an expert monetary consultant and whatever I say in my videos is just my own viewpoint and for educational functions just.


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  1. Great transmission, as always. I appreciate the no-nonsense approach you take to the news and the markets. A lot has changed and that’s about it ,but the truth is that I don’t even care much about the bull or bear market anymore because Maya. covered me while I’m doing comfortable. 2.3 BTC per month.

    1. Crypto market controls the huge part of my passive income flow. I put in $55k about a month ago,now I have gained $178k with Mrs Maya.

  2. Thanks for the info. Not sure I’d want any association with LUNA. It’s a bit like FTX relaunching, but better. I have no MEXC account, so haven’t rushed into it. Plenty of low cap fish in the crypto sea at this time of the cycle.

  3. So, if you bought a month ago, sorry but why so long to tell your subscribers? At the time of releasing this video is already up 300%+

  4. Had your investment not gone 3x and rather gone below would you have made this video about KUJI or you wannet to say you investment to go 3x first? Why didn’t you announce the very day you bot it🤔

  5. why tell us after the coin has gone parabolic with a 5x ? especially after you have been followinging for month and you purchased LAST MONTH? lol

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