Is Value Investing Dead? (Part 1)

Is Worth Dead? Not even close!

Rule # 1 believes that, particularly in this financial environment, value is the very best method. Through market volatility, you can often discover terrific companies with competitive advantages on-sale. For the Rule # 1 investor, now is the time to act!

Listen in to speak with Coach Austin and on value investing and the importance of companies as compounders.

00:08 Warren Buffett's take
00:27 Value investing and compounding
00:43 Compounders and your worths
1:26 on compounders (InvestED podcast).
1:54 Buffett's investment in See's Sweet.
2:44 Why worth investing is the right approach.

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Is Value Investing Dead? (Part 1)

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  1. Value investing isn’t dead… But the entire industry dynamics is just too complicated LOL

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