In the Moment | InvestED Podcast | Episode 404

After a number of years of controling the web, cracks have begun to appear in the once-unquestionable superiority of Google.
With the introduction of new innovations, can the tech huge adapt and take on the items and business currently specifying the landscape of Silicon Valley? What does a tech monopoly appear like when the world of virtual connectivity begins to integrate A.I. users in addition to human ones?

Today on InvestED, Phil and Danielle discuss shakeups in the tech world and the trouble of stabilizing preparation for the future with living in today.


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In the Moment | InvestED Podcast | Episode 404

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  1. Being here can be a huge distraction its all about planning forsure or letting all happen with full on vision😇🥰❤

  2. Being here and now is good but we need to know where we are going, hence we must always have a plan for the future.

  3. I haven’t tuned in for a while and was surprised to hear Danielle has been ill. Take care. Take vitamins.

  4. Google is just bad search, considering all these developments in AI I wonder why they still give me so many bad and irrelevant recommendations.

  5. I’m more worried about AI’s that would become value investors. That would mean stocks will be priced far more efficiently.

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