How To Value A Business: Rule #1 Valuations

So, how do you discover the worth of a company? Once you know the worth of the company you want to buy, you'll know the on-sale rate and have the ability to purchase it at just the correct time. Rule # 1 made use of 3 evaluation techniques: Margin of Safety, Repayment Time, and 10 Cap. In this video, Coach Austin breaks each technique down.

0:20 Mohnish Pobrai on Value
1:48 The Margin of Safety technique
2:01 in Netflix
2:23 in PayPal
2:39 The Payback Time method
2:44 The 10 Cap Evaluation
3:05 Buying Sprouts Farmers Market
3:34 Real Estate as a Value Financial investment

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How To Value A Business: Valuations

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  1. Great video with really useful information about when and how to use different valuation methods.

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