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The majority of professionals agree that we're heading for an economic crisis, so now is the time to select -proof that will stand up to the impending market changes. View this video to read more.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Download: How to Choose : The 5-Step Checklist
01:37 – Use The 4Ms To Find Economic Crisis Evidence Stocks
03:37 – Concern: What Do You Look For In A -Proof Stock?


How to Invest Throughout a Recession

How to Secure Your 401k from a Crash

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How to Discover Recession-Proof Stocks:

How to Find | Phil Town

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  1. Let’s remind ourselves of an investment principle that Buffett has popularized and that may be more important than ever right now: simply stick to simple, predictable, and free cash flow generative businesses that have a dominant position in their industry.

    Conversely, Buffett has also warned that the worst businesses are those that grow rapidly but require significant capital to engender the growth, and then generate little or no profit.

  2. Curious how different industries will do in the high interest environment: I’m bullish on financials, insurance, utility, healthcare, consumer staples, commodities, bearish on construction, real estate, mortgage REITS, undecided on BDCs, tech, consumer discrecionary … even bigger question: how far down will the chinese stock market fall? And how will it impact the US and European markets?

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