How Gas Prices Affect the Economy And Can Present An Investment Opportunity | Phil Town

Let's look at how affect the … AND how it may provide a financial investment opportunity in your future.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – Download: What's your Investing IQ Quiz
01:46 – Finding Opportunities In Rising Gas Costs
00:00 – Question: How Do You Think Increasing Fuel Will Impact The And The Businesses You Purchase?

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How Impact the Economy:.

How Gas Prices Affect the Economy And Can Present An Investment Opportunity |

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  1. Thank you for this video, Phil. I’ve been looking at some of these energy companies for awhile and this video has confirmed my research. Thank you again!

  2. My oily & gassy big brother in Texas was telling me to get into the sector 2yrs ago. I was slow on the uptake but finally got into OXY, DVN & VLO
    Pure speculation but I have gotten into RIG (deep ocean drillers), PBR (Brasil’s Exxon), YPF (Argentina dice roll).
    Wish me luck!

    1. Wall Street will be rotating out of oil soon, my Exxon has doubled but will go back down once they get inflation down

  3. I’m still waiting in cash patiently but the market bubble expands! The time to back the truck will come though. 💰

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