FROM THE VAULT: Reducing Basis With Dividends| InvestED Podcast | #459

In a vault episode from the early days of the podcast, explore the world of worth in this as Phil and Danielle look into the power of dividends. Discover how making well-researched, long-lasting investments can potentially amplify returns and supply a constant earnings stream. They discuss the method of decreasing danger by 'getting your money off the table' through dividend-producing companies.

But remember, while dividends provide stability and returns, they're not without their tradeoffs. We'll reveal the complexities of handling dividend-paying companies and navigating prospective dangers. Tune in to find out how to strike the balance between steady returns and prudent threat management in your worth investment journey.

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FROM THE VAULT: Reducing Basis With Dividends| InvestED Podcast | #459

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  1. I disagree with Phil on his take on dividends. In a perfect world, he is right. We live in an imperfect world. Therefore, in practice dividends are better, all else equal. Phil is right, assuming you trust the company to deploy their capital more profitable than simply dispersing the dividends to their shareholders. What Phil fails to see, is that 90% or higher of stocks do NOT deploy their capital as well, as simply just paying out shareholders with dividends.

  2. Dividends are neutral. Money could be used for business growth, or they could be sent to shareholders. In both cases, shareholders benefit.

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