From the Vault: Charlie Munger’s 3 Ways To Build A Great Portfolio | InvestED Podcast | #448

We dig deep into the vault this week, going all the method back to 2018 to revisit one of our Charlie Munger-centric episodes. Phil and Danielle explore the lesser-known strategies of the late great "Abominable No-Man," revealing the concealed gems that can transform a regular financial investment portfolio into an excellent one.

Join us as we explore the wisdom of investment masters, reveal the power of "cannibal business," and unearth the untapped capacity of important spin-offs. As we reflect on the life and lessons of one of the world's heavyweights, we learn how these insights can raise your go back to an entirely brand-new level of success.

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From the Vault: Charlie Munger's 3 Ways To Build A Great Portfolio | InvestED Podcast | #448

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  1. Mohnish Pabrai would disagree that there are no cheap companies today, except they are in Turkey. He told about investing in a verified no-fraud company that was sold for a faction of it’s liquidation price.

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