EU MiCa Regulations Will Destroy Crypto, Blockchain and Web3! [We Should Do Something NOW]

I talked with a EU leading politician about the MiCa regulations. How it will ruin crypto usage, adoption and even the usage of any Web3 application. Also, Mica is created to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, but is totally missing its goal. I'm attempting to have my impact.

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EU MiCa Regulations Will Destroy Crypto, and Web3! [We Should Do Something NOW]

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. Geen idee, maar het is alleszins zeer zorgwekkend. Het finaal akkoord en stemming zou pas later dit jaar volgen.

  1. Guys, I will be posting more videos again in the coming weeks and months! I’ve been travelling for 9 months and just finished the last one. I’m focussing on crypto again (I never stopped doing that entirely). 😀

    Some more info about MiCa: the final vote in the European Parliament is planned for later this year. Probably before the end of the year. It could be devastating for crypto and Europe, with a worldwide impact.

    1. Find influencers with the biggest followers and team up to create an association -get funding from crypto users-money talks in government
      See if there are experienced lobbyists in the crypto space
      Enlist their help!

    2. Awesome missing your tips badly! Was wondering if we had your analysis and inputs like before more often we could have possibly saved a bit on the terra wipeout!

  2. They said there needs to be an organized lobbying group for Crypto! Everyone in Crypto in EU
    Need to pool $$ and create a lobbying group, and hire a consultant to go to the Government and enact changes
    Is there a lobbying group in the EU?

    1. Hahaha. That will never happen. Crypto is decentralized. They can’t stop it. Crypto needs no lobbying group. We take no rules from them.

  3. 🎶🌹🎶 So good to hear from you! Thank you for keeping us informed! Sending blessings and prayers! 🙏

    1. We’ll see about what MiCa will become… I prefer to stay, but if these regulations go through, who knows.

  4. You’re gonna have to take action form a European Union crypto lobby and you probably need to hustle. We are all over state legislators in Utah… And major players are in Washington DC

  5. The whole point of crypto is being able to keep control over your own money. I hope these new unnecessary regulations don’t come to pass but I feel pretty helpless to do anything.

  6. I cannot understand why Binance or other bigger european exchanges are lobbying in their actionfield on their own behalf? THEY earn some money they could spend there effectively..

    1. So impressed knowing how much people talk good about Jack Mullers daily signals … he also helped me and my friends here in Germany to trade profitably with his daily signals

    2. Great advice on crypto and passive platforms. Tells it like it is, honest opinion. Only promoting what is working. He is the best

    3. I stop using automated bots to trader after my 2 months of intensive teaching and training with Jack Muller

    4. Jack has some of the most consistently sensible insights in the Cry pto/Eth/Btc markets.

  7. Bitcoin is about freedom..freedom ideas can never be stopped or banned…bitcoin survived hurricans and catastrophes..everything can crash expet bitcoin.bitcoin lives in digital world nd continue his path with or without us

  8. Man, eu is done. You should look at to africa, or asia. Africa is the land of cryptocurrencies. Nobody care about eu has to say

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