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Today I wish to talk to you about and what I likewise consider the whole circumstance. Enjoy this video to invest with confidence during financial uncertainty, specifically now that we are starting to see rising inflation.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – 's Words On The Present State Of Inflation
01:44 – Phil's Reaction And His Thoughts On The Current State Of Inflation
02:37 – Download The Guideline # 1 Inflation-Ready Checklist
04:14 – 's Thoughts On Rising Inflation
05:55 – Phil's Reaction And His Thoughts On Rising Inflation
08:51 – Question: What Are Your Ideas About What Munger Has Said About Inflation?


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And What I Think:

Charlie Munger on Inflation And What I Think |

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  1. Born in ’93, first time experiencing high inflation and potential recession as an adult. Stocks are the best way to beat inflation; so my question is how does a high inflation environment/recession affect stocks? More importantly, what sectors get beaten down and which ones thrive in this type of storm? Love your content. Thank you for everything you do, Phil!

    1. Dont trust anyone online… but:

      I think it been 50/50 on stock gains/losses during recession times.

      During the 70th, gold went very good during high inflation. However gold hasnt done as good after that.

      One thing that seems to keep its value has been houses. Things that costs more when people have more money available.

      My bet is to be in stocks and own a home. Born in late the 70th, remember the high inflation that hit Sweden in the 90th.

    2. @adventuretarzan *this is not investing advice, consult a professional before you do anything*
      I asked myself this very question this time last year when I read the writing on the wall. So I examined what this environment was most similar to and I came to the conclusion of the late 60s through the 70s on steriods though. so from there I looked at what did best. What I found was commodities and stocks that mine or produce them out performed everything by a mile. Much of the stockmarket stagnated at the time including the nifty fifty. Bonds were destroyed because inflation and with interest rates going up (but that being said if you know when interest rates will peak and if inflation is ending at the same time that is an excellent time to buy 30-year bonds).
      But commodities went up because inflation was making their prices go up plus everyone wanted them. Also the stocks that made them went up because they were the only companies that had sound fundamentals during that type of environment because everyone still needs food, housing, water, and stuff to survive. The stocks of companies that were in the business of producing these commodities did even better than their underlying commodities because the companies were leveraged so it was used as a multiplier.

      Now this is no guarantee that it will happen this time but definitely a strong indicator of what may be a good investment and I definitely encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

    3. Again not investing advice. But if the fed does the right thing, and the politicians don’t get in the way (I know it’s laughable) right now and spikes the interest rates to the obscene levels they need to be and to keep them there until inflation goes away then cash is your best bet. So unfortunately keep an eye on the fed and what they say and do that will be your best indicator

  2. This is the best news I’ve heard in a year. I can handle devaluation. I just can’t fathom the dollar completely blowing up. I’m invested in a company that is growing upwards of 70% a year which should outpace inflation no matter how high it gets. I can finally rest easy knowing a depression is around the corner. I feel sorry for others though

  3. my stock portfolio fell -52% from ATH last year, as of today. stocks have been falling since end of Q3. the big indices are only floating above water because most money went into the big blue chip companies so the market looks good but it’s actually in a horrible state once you look past the big brand names. i am locked into my positions for at least one year due to taxes so i had no choice but to stay and ride this out. what infuriates me is that these supposedly free markers are enslaved to whatever FED, an american institution, decides to say on some particular day in their PR. entire world of investing is at their whim. it’s a horrible system that SEC allows such plain and blatant manipulation. not to mention these dark pool trades and other crap that squeezes retail out of their money.

    and by all means, add 16% of real inflation to that -52% as well. not that CPI crap they feed the mainstream.

  4. I agree with you money printing if we don’t have inflation….but with inflation, they are done with the printer…make more inflation, social unrest will go crazy…politicians will be voted out..etc. it’s a new paradigm

  5. All of the politicians spending money like there’s no tomorrow… pretty soon there will be no tomorrow.

  6. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

    1. Despite the economic downturn,I’m so happy☺️. I have been earning $3,720 returns from my $1k investment every 14 Business days

  7. What are your thoughts on what Charlie Munger said? Leave a comment below!

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  8. But Phil what can/how the individual investor do to profit or at least not lose money going forward?

  9. Going to disagree, this inflation is due supply friction, and by the huge amount of people that has passed away due to covid, and now ukraine/Russia war. Today’s economy are so complex with so many vehicles of investment that just that supply of goods and services actually affects prices.

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